April showers

April showers and May pops out in the woods, no apples as yet.  Indeed, the apple trees haven’t a single blossom on their leafing branches this year, though the peaches and plums have flowered fragrantly and flagrantly sweet.  The mornings are crisp and cool, as are the nights, but the lengthening days are bonny and bold and bright!!

We’ve been in the garden all March, laying out beds with fallen branches and logs, though we’re still working on filling the pathways with woodshavings and sawdust gathered from our neighbour’s portable sawmill setup.  This year we’re experimenting with a slightly managed garden effort . . . . the aim is to keep the pathways free of plantlife, giving access to the beds in which seedlings and weedlings will grow communally.  Cabbages and dandelion and chicory, pac choi and chickweed, milkweed shoots and peas; by the time the milkweed’s grown, the chicory flowering, the peas will be long gone, their space occupied by cucumbers or squashes or something like that.  We love food, we love wilderness, we love fairies, and we love diversity living in the garden right beside our plantings all mixed together; there’s nothing quite like feathery sprays of Queen Anne’s Lace to sweeten the air and create a place for the fair folk to come reside above beans alongside bees.

It’s a busy time with the beds all laid out and ready; we’re getting set to transplant the kales, cabbages, napas, chards, and lettuces started indoors earlier then seed peas, cilantro, borage, dill, and calendula following the rythyms of the moon moving through the constellations while orbiting earth alongside of planetary positions.  And the birds sing on while we playfully work, step in and out in search of eggs 🙂

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