May play

All the world’s green and lively here on the mountain.  Down the driveway we go to and fro daily.  Pedicularis is up with curved barbed blossoms spiralling spiralling crystallized, bumble bees love this plant!  And coltsfoots in blossom and seed stage simultaneously, beautiful in both carnations.

Sometimes we walk then sit and listen to the birds sing, spot the first swallowtails.

Sometimes we gather greens along the way for teas and tinctures and tastiest of all: pesto!  We vary it up  . . . chickweed, chicory, dandelion, burdock, pedicularis leaves, with a bit of nutritional yeast, wild onions, garlic mustard and olive oil on fresh, warm from the oven sourdough bread is our favorite most food right now.  Sprinkled with blossoms, MMmmm.

Sometimes we play in the creek with sprites and nixies and much merriment, the creek gurgles and sings and the water’s full of surprising gifts.  Sometimes we slide and slip and it’s a squealing wet time before we wind our way home, multi headed; passing Jasper around on our shoulders.

Sooner or later we’re back in the garden, then before long into the woods.  It’s a mellow mixture of playworkplaywork melody.  The skies and the trees agree.  Bluebird would too but he’s kind of busy with dandelion seeds and cocks his head in acknowledgement instead of whistling

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