Earth Star

5.19.16 Blossoming Yellow Seed Wavespell

We are Earth Stars, come to sing our song

Steer this Earth along

On trails that follow the curves and scampering

Of Squirrel fluidly pampering

The tender twigs, branches, and trunk,

Beside reflective waters where rainbows have sunk

Below the shady canopy of Red Maple

Only to rise upon the back of a new fable,

Nimble feet red bushy tail

Oh Squirrel! This Earth Star has set sail!


We are Earth Stars one and all

May we always gather and stand tall

Below the canopy of a sequined sky

May we sparkle and ascend high

Hold the rainbows tail and ride

The wave of magic that turns the tide

Steer this Earth through dark and light

Bring healing and love to shine truly bright

Together in a dance that feeds our Souls

Weaves communion through the Whole.

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