Big Mountain Mirror

11.2.16 Surrendering Red Skywalker Wavespell


Symphony in blue

We come here to you

From all points here and there

The breeze blows seeds everywhere

From in circle this prayer we send

To protectors at the other end

Stamina from Bear

Cunning from Fox

Power from Lion

Tenacity from Coyote

Multiplicity from Rabbit

Nourishment from Turkey

Energy from Yellow Jacket

Patience from Heron

Swiftness from Deer

Vision from Hawk

Endurance from Rock

Longevity from Water

May these gifts bolster and aid you

In the work that you do

For the benefit of all

Beings that stand free and tall

Freeing those yet trapped by greed

That they too may be released;

Grow love grow

Glow love glow

Go hither and thither and shine all about

The wake up call to steward the universe is out

Dipped in love and light

Together we shape this world all right!

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