Seventeen: The Star


Good day for this, the seventeenth: The Star in tarot!

Sidereal or tropical: I’m noticing that on both charts the planetary and celestial bodies remain in the same positions, same house placements, while the signs around them are what change and thus so does the ascendant or rising sign. So the houses that are occupied are the same, though the signs change from one chart to the next, and this makes a world of a difference.

Sidereal derives interpretation from Planets in Signs and Houses and Fixed Stars all in relationship with one another that combine to form a detailed picture of spiralling life journeys, cosmic allies, affinities, and so on.

Tropical derives meaning from Signs and Houses.

Also the chart of day of birth stays that way for sometime, and then changes as we move through space! So houses once empty, in my chart, suddenly have occupancy . . . . this feels right, like a growing into of oneself, a growing up or down, a filling, coming to be, reflective of the changes we go and grow through on our playful lifesong! Chart also changes to opposite side when place of birth/location is changed . . . so had I been born here in Vesuvius, my chart flips and becomes a mirror image of what was!

A break down of the circle chart going from East on the left to West on the right as the horizon:

The houses under the horizon are what’s inside and unseen at play.

The ones above the horizon are what we show, what’s seen.

Moving from South to North:

Occupancy on the left or Eastern horizon indicates empowerment toward being able to shape one’s own story, shape the circumstances around us, going from within and touching without, interior giving birth to exterior landscape.

Occupancy on the right or Western horizon indicates how we become and come to be is influenced by our circumstances and how we choose or don’t choose to engage with them, a call and response that comes from the exterior, is digested, internalized, and then emerges . . . from the circumstance being the initiative or impetus rather than the interior being the motivator.

Dividing the wheel into quadrants, we get this, which I find very similar to Steiner’s human developmental stages from childhood through adulthood and then back around:

1st quadrant in the NE, moving from birth and developing an identity or sense of I

2nd quadrant in the NW, having developed a sense of I, now expressing it within the roots that we are incubating in at home, the chrysalis

These are both below the horizon in the developing inner world of I, once developed moving toward the above where

3rd quadrant in the SW is now the developed sense expanding and relating, engaging with the exposure that comes from poking one’s head up above the root like into the world of leaves and branches and blossoms!

4th quadrant in the SE is the developed person transcending the sense of self and becoming aware, awake, moving beyond I, roots, home, relationships into the path of service within the whole universe.

Dividing the wheel into thirds instead, we get a triad with

Houses 1 -4 in the 1st third of the below, where the developing person is moving toward the 2nd third, which occupies a portion of the below and also the above in Houses 5 -8 . . . . straddling both worlds, a duality here of you and me, a combining of your I and mine into a we, wee, wee . . . and finally the third 3rd, in Houses 9 – 12 where the we, you, me, I metamorphosis into the Us of the Universe; here there is a unification of the divisions . . . .

perhaps looking at it as an exterior collective thing is too narrow a scope posing as something large ironically, as it could be simply the unification of all the singular person’s aspects now coming together out of the sacred marriage into the Complete Human, or the Insaan e Kamil Shaamil, and so as we amalgamate our one singular self, it becomes reflected in the collective by virtue of each of us being a drop in the ocean that forms it; each changed drop changes the ocean without having to drown in the ‘collective’ enormity or consumed by it, rather how we choose and shape and engage personally has a similar butterfly effect on the collective whether we intend it or not, because we ARE part of Creation and thus everything that goes on with One person, effects the fabric of the Big Dream . . . . make sense?

Three or more planets in a single sign or house is a Stellium; two of these planets have to be other than Sun, Mercury, and Venus, which often show up close to one another due to their placement in the sky in relation to one another and the Earth. A Stellium creates a concentration of energy in the place it occurs.

Comments welcome . . .

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