Dilly Dally and Silly Sally


Dilly Dally and Silly Sally have been playing in the snow. For days they’ve been going outside and battling Snow Trolls and Ice Giants, chucking spears and icicles at the monsters. Snow Angels and Winter Fairies have allied with them and riding upon their backs they’ve cleared the woods of trolls and giants, laying them low; their pieces scattered about the creek as enormous chunks of ice and huge balls of snow! What fun they’ve had skating on the frozen water and drinking from holes deep in the woods through the portal guarded by Clawbark, who only allows entry to friends. They come in soggy two or three times a day and Mother has hot cacao waiting for them, then into the tub they go. They sit under the warm water and drink their cacao and wash each other and Meow, the cat. Sometimes Mother and Father join them, then they tell stories in the tub under the warm water and eat their dinner there too.

“Let’s go!” says Dilly Dally, sitting in the tub one day, under the shower, eating his oatmeal.

“Go where?” Asks Silly Sally squeezing oatmeal from one cheek to the other.

“We’ll sail in the pail and find new lands, come on, it’ll be such fun!”

Silly Sally’s eyes sparkle and they’re just about to set sail when Meow mewls, and they pick him up from under the shower along with his bowl of watery milk and off and away they row! They row and they row and they row. Dilly Dally rows with a green arrow, and Silly Sally rows with a yellow buttercup, and Meow dips his paws overboard and propels them onward and then they see white beaches with a large W-E-L-C-O-M-E drawn in the sand. Dilly Dally ties the pail to a tree and they jump out into the salty water that comes up to their knees and after splashing and swimming with the pink and blue polka dotted fish, they run with shouts of joy onto the beach and up the dunes.

Five caped ladies approach them.

“Greetings travellers,” says the blue caped one.

“Welcome to Naboo,” says the yellow caped one.

Dilly Dally and Silly Sally gape and then say, “Hullo!”

The five caped ladies beckon to them, and the red caped one says, “Come, let’s go to the Gardens.”

They follow behind the five cape ladies on a well worn rail and see on either side tall trees with green, red, and yellow leaves wreathing their faces, high up above their weathered trunks. They wave at the trees who smile and whisper, “Hello” as they pass. They see rocks shaped like frogs and turtles, and purple lizards climbing about, changing colors as they move from one spot to another. Ahead of them is a field of dazzling flowers where magenta cosmos on feathery stalks nod their yellow heads amidst blue cornflowers and stout orange blossoms with maroon stripes smile cheerfully at them as they walk on. There are fairies riding big yellow and purple butterflies here and there, tending to the flowers.

They pass through an archway of grapevine with juicy green grapes dangling overhead and there ahead of them is a cottage of stone surrounded by white and pink stands of hollyhocks, climbing roses, honeysuckle, and wisteria. Surrounding the cottage in four directions are The Gardens of Naboo. The five caped ladies lead them to a porch outside the cottage and the white caped one brings them frosty glasses of ruby red sweet and tart hibiscus tea with sugar cane straws, which they sip happily while they chatter with the five caped ladies and look at the beaches off in the distance where dolphins jump out of the water every now and again.

“Well,” says the black caped lady, after hearing of their adventures in ice fishing and ice skating and snowballs hurled and monsters defeated deep in the woods where the wild things are, the portals and pathways, the stars and angels, and the lovely warm shower, “How would you like to dig us a nice deep hole that we’ll fit with a pipe and have ourselves one of these showers and tubs outside to sit in under the stars?”

“Oooo! We’d love to!” chorus Dilly Dally and Silly Sally.

So they set to work digging, digging, digging, and they dig until they’ve dug deep enough that they find water, and the blue caped lady brings a pipe over and her sisters work together to fit it in the spring. Then they set a tub atop the pipe for the water to fill it and they dig some more to make space around the tub to stack up wood to heat the tub of water, and they bring another tub that they attach to the first with a pipe to catch the extra water and soon they have five tubs going from high to low. And into one of the high tubs they stick a pipe with a showerhead that sends water spraying into the tubs below! Then they dig and dig and dig some more, they dig a creek for the overflow of water to go where the gardens are, and the five caped ladies declare them to be done.

Then they all get into the tubs together and eat nut and seed cakes with creamed bananas until the sky turns orange and Dilly Dally and Silly Sally say, “Oh it’s time to go!”

And they hug the five caped ladies who shake out their capes in a swirl of starry specks and disappear, reappearing with a bouquet of maroon hibiscus, fragrant red, pink, and white roses, blue cornflowers, dark purple poppies, and orange and yellow sunflowers. They present them to Dilly Dally and a basket of crunchy fresh sprouts to Silly Sally for their beautiful mother, and they squeal and laugh happily their thanks, and then they’re off to their pail and sailing the seas, rowing with green arrow, buttercup, and paws away from the Land of Naboo, returning with Meow to the tub where the shower is still running, though the water has gone cold.

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