Sun Rise

Yellow Solar Sun GAP 2.4.17

Working with Sun Sign, so Sun and Libra, Elements of Self

Sun::illuminating, clarity, joyous, fiery, energy, power, force, power, vitalizer, shining, warmth, growth

Libra::Cardinal::Air:: identifier, clarifier, cutter, advisor, Vizir, accounter, checker and balancer, executor, ministeress of justice, adjuster, walker of paradoxes, lover, beauty, unifier, sacred melding, marriage, alchemical brewer, initiator of Mabon and the dying away

Began with gesso, india inks, and paintbrushes, along with magazines, dictionary, and glue

Picked colors that felt reflective of Cardinal Airy Libra:: white gesso, purple, blue, and magenta India inks. Created the underpainting as a loose fun moving of color across the pages. Then it dried.

Went through some magazines and cut out pictures that were Libra’ish . . . . was looking at patterns, colors, the shape of things, what pictures/objects could represent, and arranged them on the page gluing them in place. Added the words ‘kaleidoscope’, ‘harmonic’, ‘harmonical’, and ‘harmony’ from the dictionary to encapsulate what Libra means to me . . . . bringing about communion and harmonizing by cutting away and piecing threads both peacefully and with the ferocity of a balanced bear; learning from books, in the kitchen, studying and practicing teh sacred with thought and learning and also through being part of nature, nourishing and nurturing though the lens of food, unifying and initiating serenity and peace, waving through the world!

The third piece of this picture was to sketch in a symbol (I drew the Triskele) and a face. My face ended up being three! Then, in the same style as the sigil exercise, the face was outlined with black paint and then breathed across the page, flowing into and touching other elements to form a sort of stained glass effect.

The fourth step is to view the stained glass as the Rising Sign and pick colors that reflect the sign and its element and begin painting in the stain on the glass for the Sun Signs light to filter through. My Rising is Aquarius, also Air, though it is Fixed Air. I picked purples and lilac rosey colors, though I also used blue and white to bring back in the Libra as bluer. I also began going over places and enlarging the collage elements via paint.

The final step is to tie it all together, unify the whole picture, so I added a bit of orange to the palette and began going around patterns and adding details to reflect that orange swirl in the bottom right corner. Worked on bringing the threads of a story together as one whole piece; some of the collage elements were consumed giving birth to shapes and forms.

Though the triskele changed, the three faces wanted to remain. I’m seeing a theme of minaret, Buddha, spirituality through design that shines, enlightenment, becoming or being, child eyes, sacred marriage in the two creating three, expression, in relationship, relatedness, dots connecting the dots, geometry, sacred spirals, ebb and flow, waves.

Comments welcome . . .

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