Ascendant Rising


“The Ascendant is like the stained glass through which the rest of the psyche shines into the world. Stained glass filters the light that passes through it; it tints the light, gives it a hue. That’s exactly how the Ascendant works. It translates the inner complexity of the psyche into the three-dimensional terms of the social world.”. . . Steven Forrest.

Depending on the Sun Sign shining through the Rising Sign, the blend of color produced will be different, so Leo Sunlight pouring through Cancer will be a different hue than Leolight shining through Aries!

The Lagna or Rising Sign, otherwise known as an Ascendant, is the Zodiac Sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth.  The Greek term for the ascendant in Hellenistic astrology was horoskopos, which literally means “hour-marker.” The original function and purpose of the ascendant was that it was used to “mark” or designate the zodiacal sign that was rising over the eastern horizon. Once the rising sign was marked by the ascendant, it became the first whole sign house of the horoscope.

The Ascendant is the first house in a chart, it signifies the body, the self and has important clues about the guiding traits in life. The Ascendant, Lagna, is the mask, the face shown to the world. It is what conceals and veils the Soul, where the Sun is. It is the filter through which everything else is expressed. Where it’s Lord is plays a part in its influence. It is the autopilot.  The 1st House Sign and its Ruler, the rulers of the Nakshatras are key to understanding what’s going on interpretively, not the sign alone nor the house but the entire combination sourced from planetary rulership.  Remember this!

Everything else in the chart initially manifests through the Lagna.

All these things are related to the ascendant:

Outer personality, face we present to the world

Physical body in general, and its appearance

Overall health and wellbeing

Basic attitude to life

General nature of day-to-day existence

The manner in which we meet life’s lessons, as opposed to the nature of the lessons themselves, which are shown by the Sun

The self and sense of identity

Ability to maintain physical life.

Interactions between the ascendant and other chart features should be studied closely.

Rising planets, i.e. those within a few degrees of the ascendant, are significant and can sometimes be more important in the life than the ‘official’ ruling planet (which is the planet that rules the ascendant sign).

Dreamed this::  The Lagna is the Mask, thus all our created identities, the ones that go like, I am This That the Other, are simply reflections of living Inside The Mask and eventually becoming The Mask . . . this is not balance but illusion!  Fake it till you make it, yes you’ll ‘make it’ as far as the Lagna goes, it’ll rise up to make you however you want to show up, with whatever appearance, face, or mask you want to wear, that’s what the Lagna can do and will do if that’s what you set out to do on the pathway.  However, it can convey you far away from the Sun Soul, until you yourself believe you Are the MAsk you wear!  In dreaming, there was a conversation happening, the jist of which was if I have to tell you I am this that or the other, work hard at becoming this that or the other so you can see it and believe it, then that is not Who I Am at the core . . . .for instance, if I am truly a Shaman, you’ll sense it and know it, I won’t have to plaster all my certificates and experiences Out in Public for you to believe it, because those are Not how come I’m a Shaman, Soul derived, that is the Lagana Rising being used as a pathway to make me what I want to be, whatever that is, even if it’s Not my Calling!  This is the beauty and the danger, the edge where truth and illusion sometimes can become one and fool even the individual.  It felt like this::

The Lagna is how you come to be in the world at birth on a pathway that will initially be initiated in that first house, which is initiatory in nature, to shape you as some body . . . Brigadier’s grandaughter, from Pakistan, and so on.  It is the inception seat of where you’re coming from culturally, socially, outwardly, how you were received and forged in teh beginning formative stages, and your responses to them (reflected by the Rising Sign) are how you participated in this forging.  BUT that is only the beginning, to get you ready for the pathway ahead upon which you must walk and become more than this initial identity, become your own inner Soul truth, through the living experiences and your responses to them, moving always moving into Your Soul Self . . . . unless, along the way you are duped by your own initial identity, and IDENTIFY with IT thus believing that is Who You Are!!

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