Generous Allies

2.15.17 Blue Resonant Night

The day Possum came, it was to give me medicine, to show me something: keep your ground, eyes focused on the threat, when dangerously outnumbered or cornered, play dead, even if it means diving into a cistern without access to an obvious exit; just dive, act, figure the rest out later. He who dives lives into the way through. As it so happens, Possum climbed out on a log we lowered into the cistern; the universe supports Possum. So. Possum lives to dive and play . . . I’ve been Possum at times, dived that way, lived that way.
Possum says, “Sometimes you have to go low until you know it’s time to show.”

The day Crow came, it was to give me medicine, to tell me something:
there’s fire in your belly, your jelly belly pot, there’s fire in your belly, molten bubbling hot, there’s fire in your belly that from your people you got, remember well the fire remember well its heat it’ll cook out who’s the liar the thieving and the cheat.
Crow had more though, Crow revealed this: perspective, with Crow eyes I hold many perspectives, shift my point of view, change line of sight, different angles through which to see, maybe choose to change my mind knowing Crow gives me sight where I might have been blind.

The day Beaver came, it was to give me medicine, to give me power, die and live, Beaver gave me a circle song, a dreamsong, a spiritsong: we stood and held the ground around Layla while she skinned him, Ahmad, Anousheh, and I, a circle of three, triskele, four people, four directions, Beaver body, five . . . three four five, alive; I fleshed that skin and learned something::I like fleshing! Really enjoyed it, deeply dreaming into it, the pelt fragrant oddly vanilla myrrh resinous, pleasant. Beaver dreaming in the pond, floating, swimming, diving, playing; happy last days!

I dream of a world with no borders, none; where we can freely come and go from place to place and people look at who we are not just the outer face, the skin the guise, people see with sharper eyes, a world with no borders like I once believed it to be, where we can come and go and stay a while, work, play, swim, dive, live anywhere on this planet that belongs to us ALL, all beings, not cut up and divided into parts, lines with gates constructed by humans to restrict and limit who goes where, how dare they?! It stokes that fire and makes me feel wild like I felt when I was a child and was told, You cannot go wherever you want, the world doesn’t work that way.

Beaver gave that I may drink tea and say, it will, it will work that way one day this world will have no borders and that’s how it already IS as far as natural law works, the world has no borders, it belongs to us all, it’s only the humans on it that create and setup these manmade laws with marked up maps that are out of sync with universal law, and I’ll dream it back to being a world where we can freely travel from here to there and everywhere, I’ll flesh it back to the pelt and wear it as a skirt when I shoot fire to light up the cauldron and cook it, really cook it while I roam the earth and explore with ease amongst fellows who live and dream in peace, and we’ll feed the bits that need to rest to Crow who knows best about recycling.

I’m going to make their medicine count. The universe supports that which is in accordance with Law, universal law; I’m going to make their gifts amount to something that’ll make the world a welcoming place for all beings, this is my dream, and I have allies who’ll help me weave it true. I know it from the nose place, where grace lives and grace gives. I’m gathering the strings, I’m singing, I’m gathering it together, I like to gather, in circle, deeply enjoy it, and while I sit for a bit butterflies come and rest in sanctuary from the storm before they wing back to the sky, and fly, bearing dreams rippling out and about in spirals too high for the naked eye. So.

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