Now to overlay Sun into a natal chart, what will it do there? What Sun does.

Then to see how it’ll do what it does, we look at the Sign it’s in . . . so as an example, Sun in Libra will do all the Sun-ny things it does, amplifying what Libra’s qualities are, growing them, illuminating them, using them as resources to create and Be, and so on. Sun light’s Libra’s way to being Libra in whatever area Sunny Libra has landed, wherever it’s located.

So to see the affect, we have to know Libra (or whatever sign Sun is in). Mine’s in Libra:

Air, Cardinal, 9th House, ruled by Venus, Libra is Venus’s Home. It is masculine, governs kidneys, seeks to bring harmony and equilibrium into being.

Furthermore, Libra has the Lunar Mansions of Chittra (23.20 Virgo to 6.40 Libra) in Spica, whose deity is Tvashtar or Vishvakarma, the celestial architect, and Lord is Mars, then in Swati ( 6.40 Libra to 20.00 Libra) in Arcturus whose deity is Vaayu and Lord is Rahu, and finally in Vishaka (20.00 Libra to 3.20 Scorpio) in Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Iota Librae whose deities are Indra and Agni and Lord is Jupiter; so where in these Mansions does Sun sit?

My Sun is stationed at 4 degrees, which would be in 4th Pada Chittra, whose pada ruler and Lord is Mars, and deity is Tvashtar, all in the 9th House.

Chittra is known as “the Bright” and “The Distinguished”, his symbol is a shining jewel, his strength is the power to accumulate merit through higher law and truth working together from above and below with honor.

Chittra has the brightest star on the ecliptic, Spica, illuminating the constellation, hence the name, “The Bright”. Chittra does everything with flair and originality, following a unique path that is guided by some higher truth, inner calling, intuition, inspiration wanting to become realized with a fiery passion fueled by both Mars and Tvashtar:: a solar deity, the creative behind the creator, the energy of creation in raw form, that which was before and beyond creation. The Cosmic Craftsman is Tvashtar, thus Chittrans have a love for art and are often artists and creators.

Sun will empower all Chittran and Libran qualities, in an area of life, which is when we look at the House they are in for that’s where the Sun will be influencing by its visit . . . .

What goes on in the 9th House? Learning, exploring dimensions, travel, higher education, transitions, changes, mysticism, liminal space, writing, poetic expression, study, contemplation, envisioning.

Sun in the 9th House will thus shine light on all these aspects and bring them to attention for harmonizing into equilibrium, rearranging into new creation, re-creation, revealing the dusty attics of mentality for cleansing, sometimes harshly as it involves seeing into other people’s perspectives and then seeks to balance and bring orderliness to their thoughts!

Sun in Libra in the 9th House kind of wants to clean up the attics of people’s minds that they may then be clear through clear thinking, thus living in ways where they conduct themselves with balance . . . . to this end Sun in Libra in 9th House would be a good teacher, otherwise it goes around observing all these patterns of thought in relationships and without an outlet in which to share this ability, it can be a bit tiresome to deal with!

Sun illuminates imbalances involving perception, how something is viewed, and expressed . . . Libra will then arrange and rearrange to shift the viewpoint thus bringing equilibrium to bear, restoring unity, even if it involves cutting away or fighting to do so! Writing and correspondence are ways for Libra Sun in 9th House to creatively express and enable themselves to utilize these qualities in an outer way, after having swept through and sliced away inside first.

Chittra and Tvashtar with Sun stationed in their celestial realm will be magnified and even heatier and more forceful, heat and force being essential ingredients to create with, thus to maintain sanity when knickerbocker nuts, Create and Be Creative, honor these entities creatively . . . .in the 9th House this combination works toward celestial structuring and dreamtime reorganizing with the potential, when rightly aligned with Asha, to bring about Peace and Harmony playing forward in days and ways that may never be seen and enjoyed by the originator, but will come to pass when energy is applied in this direction, all the same.

All this is only looking at Sun station, but Sun has many neighbours in different padas of Chittra and in Svati, all in Libra owned 9th House in my chart, so the whole sign is something to put together to gain a bigger broader picture of just what all is going on as far as awareness, self-awareness, consciousness, and so on go.  There’s a lot of energy in this house!  Could lead to too much examination, awareness, insight and outsight.

Libra is ruled by Venus, but Venus is next door in the 10th House, so Sun, with others, has dominion of Venus’s domain while visiting.

Comments welcome . . .

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