Whenever I hold peas
In the palm of my hand
I marvel at the wizened orbs,
They feel ancient

My Grandfather told me this,
His brown eyes gleaming, he said,
“Peas are easy planting,
After turning over the soil
Push them in one by one
No more than one finger square deep
Two finger squares apart
And they’ll come up, you’ll see;
The best time for planting peas is winter
Soon as the ground can be worked,
Winter, it’s the best time for sowing peas.”

Wherever I’ve been
I’ve planted peas
Marveling that small wizened orbs
Carry an entire world
Inside them.

My Grandfather told me this,
He said, his brown eyes twinkling,
“Growing peas is easy
Growing peace is easy too,
Peas have a season though
They grow and then they go,
Nothing to be done about it,
But peace, now peace when cultivated
It’ll last a whole lot longer than peas
And that’s the hard part, arduous work,
The cultivation and keeping of peace.”

I asked him how it’s done, Peacekeeping.
He smiled a toothless smile and said,
“Did you know, I was born with blue eyes,
They didn’t last though and nether will I;
Here, take these seeds and go plant them.”

2 thoughts on “Orb

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  1. Your grandfather was a wise man ,full of love and that twinkle in his eye, oh my
    Whoever was close to him, loved him, and was loved by him in return,
    Of course also looked just like him! He knew how to love, he did, and it all started with his fingers being in the earth. Planting, planting, always a-planting. V

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