Yellow Lunar Seeds


Isha’s Eleven today, Yellow Lunar Seed Day, Portal Opening Day.  Aquarian Electric Stormy Isha emerging through open portal eleven years ago today, in absolute trust and surrender into Michael’s hands with Ahmad watching and saying “Wet Wet!”, blue eyes round as saucers waving the flashlight around!  Hummingbird birth,  sunny shiny, tulip blossom Om baby, round and rosy, Shant, Shant, Shanti!

Starry eyes searching my face intently smiling like the Sun and Moon and Heavens Am I to her, snuggled against my chest daily daylily in the wrap, feeling my every move, being with me closely held and beholding, I’d say, I want ten more like this bliss one!

My third yet also my first, birth with no midwives or anyone other than tribe.  Full pregnancy and completely enchanted feelings of Life and Living and Moving in Surrender and Trust the entire time, emanating from the womb expanding and heartfilling.  Sparkle on my Isha!  May the blessings of your blessingway and birth be with you and multiplying allways, always.

Moving seeds into mandala, seeding all blessings for her, for us, with enlivening potential carrying khicheree nourishment grains and spices.  Ancestral food of origins, medicine, enrichment.

Bijli ho kar chmak daraaja, bijli ho kar chamak daraa!  Laaee Samaa mere dil ke andaar, laaee Samaa mere dil ke andaar! Wa maa fis Samaawate, wa maa fil Arz.

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