Working with Moon Sign:: Virgo:: Elements of Self

Moon:: Feeling essence place, emotion, bonding, nourishing and nurturing, caregiving, healing, intuition, heartfelt connection, responses from the heart, the knowing place of this feels good or yucky, feminine, ancestral, ancient, linking and timeless, ageless, mother wisdom, self mothering, self care, watery, flowing, tidal,amniotic, safe, warm, cocoon!

Moon is Lord of Hasta Nakshatra, The Hand, Lord of Medicine and Healing from inside and below to outside and above.  Mine is stationed at just past 10 degrees in the 4th Pada of Hasta in the 8th House, occupying its asterism of rulership along with Mercury occupying his sign of rulership: two ruling entities together, plus Pluto occupying the 8th House . . . though it’s close enough to the 10 degree area of 4th Pada Uttara Phalguni that were my birth time a few minutes earlier, that’s where it would be . . . good to consider on those close degree sections . . .

Virgo:: Earthy, mutable, transmuting, release and renewal, optimism, looking forward, moving forward, detail oriented, keen eyed, sharp, orderly, ruled by Mercury who happens to be in the 8th House in Virgo

My Virgo Moon is in the 8th House:: where there is attention and focus on secrets, private hidden affairs, the invisible, liminal spaces, imaginal and in-visioned, the unseen, unheard, the longing and yearning that wants to surface and bespoken, House of Passion, which could be anger and resentment that’s hidden or suppressed wanting to be resolved and sent forward for release, House of Dying, Death, Transmutation, a psychic house where the unseen is seen

Began with watercolor pastels and watercolors, paintbrushes

Picked colors that felt reflective of Earthy Virgo Moving Magic:: white, brown, green, yellow, blue, a bit of pink

Started drawing loose mandalish idea with Left Hand, off hand.

Continued working with the left hand and went over in acrylic then paused for a few days and let it rest.

Returned with right hand and watercolor pastels.

Finished by adding details with india inks, right handed.

Comments welcome . . .

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