Magnetic Warrior Nowrooz

May we dream deeply, clearly, and well the abundance; bringing back inspiration, stories, and healing to share with one another and in all our relations.

May we have each others backs, giving and receiving with compassion and kindness, engaging with one another in ways that strengthen our bonds; letting go of what no longer serves us to open space for new relationships to form.

May we walk in light, with light, living love and dissolving with inclusion barriers and obstacles; constructive courageous warriors of light.

May we attract and magnetize what is of benefit to us, walking steadily and firmly yet gently upon this beautiful planet, spreading seeds for what is forward to grow it abundant, rejuvenated, and fertile.

May we be focused and with purpose, giving our energy to what is attractive, blessed, and purpose full, turning away from distractions and pettiness that lowers our vibrations.

May we remember to rest and restore, give ourselves moments in between to digest and reflect.

May we grow our circle of friends with those whom we find joy and connectivity with, deepening existing relationships, trusting new ones as they come, deliberating yet spontaneous.

May our endeavors in play and work thrive, flourish, and prosper.

May we learn from the lessons that come our way and deepen our study of what interests us, engaged and enabled to heartfully and generously share with our fellows; learning how to learn where we are short.

May the muse be with us, eloquence become manifest, imagination be charged and bountiful, healing be with us during this year and its new turn around the sun.

May we have allies and guides along the way, may the teachers we need come when we are ready, and may we go to where we are called when our teachings are needed.

May we be clear and illuminated, reflective, adjusted, enabled to live in harmony with one another and all our relations.

May we be free from bonds that are unhealthy and restrictive, empowered to cut away what must be released constructively and compassionately.

May it be fun year with adventure and opportunities open for us to engage and be engaged with.

May we be provided for in all our needs, and may we be grateful for providence.

May we give voice to what must bespoken, stand up for ourselves, show up as we are when called, trusting that we are as Spirit created us, enough, and yet ever reaching when Spirit nudges us to become more.

May we come together as a tribe to play, share stories, cook and enjoy nourishing meals, celebrate.

May we have the stamina, fortitude, and vigor to bring this homestead alive with garden and song and ceremony and gatherings, in joy, peace, and gratitude.

May we be with Spirit allways and Spirit be with us allways, intuition strong and alert, responsive, flexible, and walking the beauty way in trust.

Blessed Be this Nowrooz and the year ahead.


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