Moon Love and Trust

3.27.17 Blue Galactic Night G.A.P

Second Creative Practice with Moon:: Love and Trust in the Process . . .

Laying in a base ground upon which to shine, moving flicking twirling wrists and shoulders into paint.

3.28.17 Yellow Solar Seed

Then creating an atmosphere to seed love . . . .

Collage elements selected, images that said, Me Me Us Pick Us, went with it, trusting they’ll come together somehow when they do . . . loving the creative process while immersed in it, despite the so bright yellow and red, raw blue!

3.29.17 Red Planetary Serpent

Painted in white, ultramarine, cobalt, and viridian around the pictures, recreated their place of being from what was popping out at me color wise, see how they come to be together . . . .

4.7.17 White Rythmic Wizard

Moon’s in Leo conjuct Jupiter in Virgo, who’s opposite Sun in Pisces today, with Pluto in Sagittarius, Mercury and Mars in Aries, and Venus and Chiron in Pisces.

Finally returned to this spread and played with it some more in watercolor pencils, white paint, marker, until it took on a life of its own. Slow process this trusting and loving. What is trust anyway?

Trust:: firm belief and confidence in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

So it begins with confidence and belief . . . where do these come from? Feelings? Thoughts? Intuition? Experience? Choice? Learning from mistakes? All of them interwoven? Do beliefs and confidence fluctuate and change? You have it until something teaches you otherwise?

How can someone or something be reliable, true, strong in the permanent fixed sense? For even those are apt to change! These planetary alignments will be different tomorrow, shifted, what conditions they may enhance favorably or not today does not make them so eternally! So then in what something or someone can one place or have trust, when like the moving Moon it too will fluctuate?

Is trust a desire shaped by Moon Mind? Desire stems from feelings generated as responses to thoughts that the mind shows, yet the thoughts themselves are dependent on state of mind, thus changeable, while generating desire that outlasts it . . . didn’t Buddha look at desire as a root of suffering? And if we desire trust and even love, as something Moon Mind wants to attain, perceiving it as an answer to all the questions, maybe through trust and love attained, it whispers, equilibrium is gained and then other ‘desirable’ things or outcomes . . . but how to trust this fluxing notion then? Perhaps there is no need for trust and love, when we enter a state of desirelessness, not to hanker after that state as something we desire, but are just in, even when we don’t know how or why we got there, but we sense that we are; then trust and love become unified as something beyond these words fixed in firm beliefs in concepts and people or things, they untether and in their untethered state we move beyond trust and love into something ‘else’ . . . I don’t have the words for it, it’s not even trust in self, or complete confidence in self, though those are part of a part of it, but closer to what I’m talking about is Wholeness, where trust and love are not separate states any longer, nor do we seek it to understand or achieve, they’re just Present . . .

Besides, all this presupposes that we ought not have desires based on the Buddh-ism about it leading to suffering . ..and perhaps that too is to be had with a pinch of salt, there’s truth in it, but it’s a part of a part of a grain that makes the whole, wherein desire possibly is what shows us what we want, teaches us how to identify and name what we want, understand and comprehend what we want, from heart and mind and everything; dig into desire it has something to teach::before renunciating it as the root of suffering! Which it very well may, as it did for Buddha, but it’s not an absolute . . . this too melts, as does desire attained, melt into the next surge of wanting . . . .could be noble or wanton . . . learn from it all, they’re Presents!

Comments welcome . . .

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