Fire. Earth. Air. Water.

White Crystal Mirror 6.30.17

From the dreamscape. Fire. Earth. Air. Water. Each is crucial. Each plays a part. All together. One for all.

Fire is inside embodiments that are earthly::wood being the most common example. Wood is born of Earth, rising from seed in Earth, growing from Earth, rooted in Earth, it is Earthy and Earthly and it burns. All earthly bodies burn, from plants to fish to pigs and bear, butterfly, bee, and bird::they burn when ignited with flame, Fire turns these bodies to ash, food for soil and turf. Fire itself comes out of an Earth body, it’s not just hanging out there in all ready in a carnation::it is contained within an ember, a stick, a brazier, it needs substance and form to hold it and support it. It is intertwined with Earth, from volcano to campfire to candle light. Fire rising from Earth on the one hand, as sun rises on the one hand, warming, bright illuminating, burning hot. Fire is energy. Fire is fuel.

Earth is the core, base, the foundation, the bottom, the mid ground, middle ground, from where fires burn and blaze, all beings live and grow and frolic in fields and snow. Leaf and root, seed and shoot, rivers streams and creeks that flow to watery seas::must have Earth as abode from where to motivate, materialize, substantiate, come be. It’s all about Earth with the elements . . . everything collaboratively cooperatively does what they do and it all supports Earth and earthly matters; and generous earth gives to each what they need for their doing::to Fire she gives wood and kindling, to Air she gives gases released from her children . . . all living beings breathe, breath generates gases that come together atmospherically as Air, and what does Air do?

Air comes as wind and breeze, blows branches and leaves off trees. Blows fires to burn bigger and wilder. Cools and dries. Bears away dust and grit, clears. Scatters and disperses seed from one place to another. Air carries thoughts too, is from where birds wing and fly and spy and envision. Air is sound and vibration. Air is musical resonation. Air is breath. Breath is Air. Air is in Earth pockets and taverns and caverns, Air grows Fire, Air conducts, Air is powerful wind that generates electricity, lifts up balloons and sends them sailing, Air is current. Air moves Water, Air ripples and lifts up all the liquid evaporated and turned to steamy condensation, dew, up and up where it comes together as Water . . .

Water fall, Water flow, Water feelings glow and grow and show as waves, high tides and low. Where Fire is Sun, Water is Moon. Water nourishes, Water nurtures, Water is generated from the work of Fire and Air and returns down to Earth from whence it originated and feeds all life::from roots and sap rising, to rivers and creeks and streams, from soil and dirt and grit and rock fracturing to release springs of sweet fresh Water. Water serves Earth and all her children. Water is the guardian who puts out unruly Fire, Water cleans Air of smog and smoke and soot and pollen, leaving it fresh and fragrant. Water ebbs and flows. Waxes and wanes. Water is constant motion, emotion, when dammed up it holds powerful potential energy.

These are my observations from experiences with the elements and for me personally the directions and correspondences would be as below, though sometimes they overlap and interchange places; further exploration would involve the essence of each element individually, is there such a thing as essence that’s exclusive and unique not related to the whole?? Also, that which we call Spirit I don’t feel like occupies a direction or season or element, but is present in everything, thus would be the all around above, below, beside, and within direction . . . .

Fire would be in the East with the dawning of day, Sun, Spring bringing new energy, warmth, seeds cracking open with heat and making visible what was inside, as does Fire. Fire is the cauldron bubbling, cooking, transforming things from one state to another. Fire is lava. Fire is molten, smolders, smokes. Fire is inspiration, instinct, survival. Fire goes for the kill, it is wild and primal and seeks no more than to burn freely until it burns out. Fire is raw, lust, desire, hot, passionate, active, inspiring. Fire is Yellow Jacket, Hornet, and Honey Bee. Fire is Fox, Crow, Wolf, and Vulture. Fire is fermenting fruit, wine and vinegar.

Earth would be Southland, below the feet where the roots are, upon which all life crawls, creeps, flows, and rises up from. The hearth, home, heart, center. The growing place. The living place. We are all here I feel sometimes in service to Earth, who is likely a part of a greater galaxy than we comprehend, an organ within the solar system doing Her thing, us all serving her to do her thing, in a larger Whole. We make much ado out of ourselves, us humans, when honestly, we’re no more nor less than trees in the scheme of what is happening in the Whole. We go on about ‘community service’ exclusive to humans serving humans, when honestly, I feel and sense that we are here to be part of Community Service to earth with All Other Beings, it’s ironic as by putting ourselves higher and grander than everything else that loves, we’ve separated from the web of community, from our brothers and sisters, ants and crickets and humbugs, and thus struggle with ‘community service’ as we’re wired to serve the Whole, not only one another exclusively!! Mother Earth::we are all her children, I suckle at the sweet water gushing from her lush mounded breasts and nipples. I suppose I have ‘reduced’ myself to the level of a lowly ant, but let me do my work as a lowly ant to the best of my ability then; it is enough. Earth is the steady drumbeat. Earth is Oak, Moss, Cavern, Sanctuary. Earth is Deer, Snake, Rabbit, and Chicken of the Woods. Earth is Turtle. Earth is Buffalo. Earth smells good.

Air, now Air would be where these words come together from, these thoughts and ideas that blow through and are sometimes clear or foggy. Air would be Earth’s other hand, opposite Fire::bellowing over and inciting Fire, billowing above Earth directly creating atmospheric conditions that hold her in space, wrapping her in gassy layers, holding space, holding those clouds that hold the Water that comes later. Without Earth first Water would have nothing to flow and pool and stream on, without Air next Water would have nowhere to go when condensing and coming together as rain clouds, so Water comes last::as do emotions come after thought, our thoughts result in how we feel, not the other way round, okay for me that is! Air would be my West, the seeing place, the thinking place, the setting sun place, the place we move into darkness from, the sleeping place, the twixt and tween lucid and dream place, the place of vision and sight. Air is Hawk and Heron. Air is Butterfly. Air is Dragonfly. Air is Firefly twinkling. Air is the Eye. Air is Cat, Panther, Mountain Lion. Air is the flute. Air is the lute. Air is the dulcet dulcimer with strings, chiming bells and things.

Water comes with a crash and a roar, churning, turning, sucking, spitting out shells and seaweed. Water comes like a lovers touch on satin sheets, soothing, spreading, clearing sand, renewing. Water is salt. Water is tears. Water is rain. Water is life. Water is in what I grew. Water is blood. Water is shifting, filling, evaporating, returning. Water closes the wheel of life. Water is also its beginning. Water is feeling. Water is love. Water falls and runs its course, circulating. Without Fire, Earth, Air, there would be no Water. Without Water, no Life. Water is completion. Water is the sleeping. Water is the diving deep into the night, into the emotion, intuition, into the heart of the Mother matter Earth, Water is the bucket that comes up with dreams. Water is Bear and berries and juice and delicious. Water is Whale, Dolphin, Trout and Crab. Water is Beaver and Hummingbird. Water is nectar.

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