Blue Cosmic Dragonfly

GAP Blue Cosmic Storm 7.1.17

This abundant day! Began early with a gratitude circle with Ahmad.

Chicory, Milkweed, and Wormwood from right outside the door, lovage, spiderwort, lichen and mushroom.

Sat together and meditated on being grateful, fusing gratitude into what’s ‘not’ enough . . .like pockets that are too tiny, yet gratitude for whole pants that fit! A completion of the feeling and thoughts that renders them whole rather than lingering on the one hand only lopsided.

It was good and vibrant then we opened sacred space like he’d showed me one time a few eeks ago with a hand motion, and laid out the stalks, Ahmad plucked the chicory flowers and circled the circle, and when it was complete we laid down the flowers saying what we were grateful for and placing them in the direction of its belonging. Then we closed the space and stayed there awhile.

He tuned into it as a compass after it was done, called it a compass of self to come to when losing direction! May he always have a compass that shows him his true North, may he always be blessed wherever he is!

Gratitude for home and hearth, day and night, awakeness and busyness, family and abundance, bees and trees and all that gives and lives and lights us up with joy, fused, clear, loving.

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