Venusian Air

7.1.17 Blue Cosmic Storm

Communicating Airwaves:: worked this like lightning . . . . chalk pastel underlayer crudely thought, no brought, through, in black and white, but since life ain’t black and white and grey, the primaries:blue, red, yellow, from which all other colors come-bine, entered the frame where zig zags electrify and birds sit on a line twittering . . .

Flipped through some magazines and found patterns that popped at me, cut and glued collage scraps down, woodpecker joined in

Brought out the paint, kept with the initial color scheme, air’s not got a lot of ‘color’ to it, so white, black, a dabble of yellow and red were all that were needed, perceived the pieces, evolved the patterns emanating them outward, added an I Ching symbol from (don’t know ‘where’ that came from?!) and Air is complete!

7.2.17 Yellow Magnetic Sun

I looked up the I Ching symbol I drew and I found the following, it is Ting:


“I should show a poker face,
But excuse me while I unravel on the carpet.”

“You may be sensing physical and mental well-being in your world at this time. Your body benefits from and feels good in exercise and your spirit is reaching towards its strengthening source. Let your feelings out in gentleness and gracefully let the world touch you. Intuition tells you what is right and you follow with an eye toward humility. It is a time to listen and watch, not only to sharpen your senses, but to control your own cauldron-like bubbling.”

Hexagram 50: 鼎 “The Cauldron” – Ting

“There are many others basic aspects in life that could use encouragement and nourishment that goes beyond our own basic needs. Hexagram 50 shows that there are other areas in life that need constant tending too.

Search within the community in order to find harmony and strive to find a balance between home, love, and work life. By doing so, there can be peace found in all parts of life and a steady progression to success can be initiated.

In order to uplift and help nourish the souls of others, it takes an event to bring together those we care about most. The traditional Sunday dinner is an example on how families and friends come together to celebrate in unison.

Bringing people together to practice these techniques can help bring harmony into the community. Show others the proper means for caring for the body, how to maintain the mind, and how to bring peace and encouragement to the soul. By bringing about a balance into our lives and the lives of others; we are then able to progress towards a positive outcome.
The feeding of the body and soul is vital in all human beings and it can be increased when we work together to cause this change within us. When we are able to establish in ourselves a routine of bring health to our body, mind, and soul, we can then take this practices and share them with others.

Make time to help strengthen the bonds between partners and relationships. Remember what already brings encouragement into your relationships and continue performing these actions. Help to uplift others through words and acts of kindness.

Deepen the bonds in a personal relationship by nourishing their spirit and showing understanding towards any difficulties they may be facing. By reassuring your partner you are readily available will help inspire a new love to blossom within the relationship.

Look into the current events in the work environment and see if there are any aspects that need fixed in order to progress. Sometimes it is one person who does not feel they have a purpose that might have a need of positive influence.

When we have a strong spirit, we can then see the negativity in others and perhaps have the knowledge on how to help others overcome their difficulties. It is not to say that we should take on the burdens of others but be willing to give advice and apathy to those who might need it.


The Cauldron. Supreme good fortune. Success.


Fire over wood:
The image of the cauldron.
Thus the superior man consolidates his fate
By making his position correct.

Hexagram 50 shows the need to nourish others parts of life that could benefit from the current understanding of strengthening the body, mind, and soul. Be willing to reach out to others who could benefit from the knowledge.”

Action: Refine

Hu Gua (hidden influence) 43 Determination: Breakthrough

Zong Gua (underlying cause) 3 Difficult Beginnings: Persevere

You hold the power to become the master of your existence.

Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side,
which he never shows anyone. – Mark Twain

Ting is associated with the alchemical process of transformation where the distance between spirit and ego must evaporate. On the hero’s journey to fulfill one’s destiny, you are first called into initiation. You can choose to ignore the call or follow it. Generally the initiation begins when the ego has been wounded or a path suddenly ends. Therefore, the Ting or Cauldron is often about the deeper, spiritual and more all encompassing aspects of your journey. This is a powerful hexagram with a message about fulfilling your destiny and the enormous inspiration you possess to accomplish your aims. The cooking pot can show a situation in its beginning stages such as taking a job to receive training or the early part of a relationship that is as yet undefined. The preceding hexagrams all describe change. The Well is your access to the unconscious where its inspiration leads to the necessary change described by Molting or Revolution. While the underlying cause of Difficult Beginnings suggested persevering or pushing onward toward your goal, the Cauldron is a complete rebirth and reconnection with your life path. In other words, most of the hexagrams are reflecting the mundane or daily experiences you encounter. When you receive the Cauldron, the perspective has broadened into a more omnipotent view of your life. If you are asking about work or relationships and receive the Cauldron as an answer, you can be certain that fate or karma are infusing the answer. There is enormous power in the situation. The hidden influence of Determination or Breakthrough can only work if you are on the right path. Life can seem to be pushing back against you as a way of ensuring you get where you need to be. With the proper Determination to succeed on your authentic path, success is assured. Since the Cauldron is a spiritual vessel, this hexagram can portray enormous talent, creativity or spiritual insight that you can tap. In a sense, YOU are the Cauldron and your inspiration is boundless.


Balance your basket

on the winding path.

“Nothing transforms things so much as the ting. Therefore follows the idea of a cauldron.”

The ting was cast of bronze, with three legs and two carrying rings on each side. Like most cauldrons, it served as a ritual vessel where sacrifices were made.

A ritual is how you validate the unknown, unseen or unspoken through ceremony. On a mundane level, you tip your hat, shake hands, or kiss on the cheek as each culture prescribes. This leads to the habitual behavior, which becomes common within the empire; it is also the image of how the inner empire can become a wasteland.

“Inner and outer, it matters not” they cannot be separated. Famine within, will always project itself upon the outer world. When you do what is expected of you, authenticity is lost and famine grows within and without. The Cauldron asks you to approach the invisible with a sense of reverence and sacrifice. The Well is the source within, but the Cauldron reveals how this source nourishes you in the same sense as food. The work you do ‘in here’ will be powerfully reflected into events ‘out there.’ This is how you can become the master of your present existence.

The Gentle Wind becomes the wood used to inspire the fiery flame beneath the cauldron. Unlike the image of the Well, which uses the Wood to draw from the Abysmal Water, the Wood now gives life to and feeds the Fire of transformation. The Cauldron suggests that you are ripe for your debut.

The nuclear trigram of the Gentle Wind seeks upward penetration, while the Creative remains firm at the center. It captures the image of how you are gathered toward the center of Te, where “thirty spokes share one hub.” At its rim, you surface to call experience fortune or fate in the random turning of events. Events are not random, in that what is full becomes empty; what is still begins to stir as the Way goes round and round. Connected to Te or your authentic center, where the center of the wheel moves the least, you are no longer buffeted by outer events. You stop traveling in circles, reacting to each event, as if you are not connected to it. Everything you will ever become takes root from within. Yet, sometimes you must traverse the wasteland to resurrect your real voice.

Exploring the power of your inner drummer, you will find a meaningful pattern unfolding in daily events to exercise your growing power. The Clinging portrays how you can move toward an awareness of the synergy existing between the inner empire, and how it takes shape in the outer world. Like the incense and smoke that is burnt during spiritual offerings, the burning Fire brings the visible to meet the invisible. At the same time, approaching the invisible can shed light on the visible.

Observing experience, you may fail to see how it mirrors the unseen world within. As the seen and unseen interact, what is called fate is how life moves to unleash your real nature. You must question what you hold to be sacred, and learn to let it go. In a world of change, the idea of sacred holds little relevance.

The master said: “At dusk, the cock announces dawn; at midnight, the bright sun.” What is visible in one realm is only a portion of what remains unseen in another. Transcending the distinction between ‘in here’ and ‘out there,’ the Cauldron becomes a ritual vessel that offers you a deeper understanding of how you participate with life. It always responds to lead you back to the center of your Te.

Unchanging: Te is the bubbling of instinct = at the prospect of your coming-to-be-real. The spiritual associations with this hexagram describe a deep connection to your life path. In unchanging form, you may not be recognizing how profoundly life is leading you toward your destiny. At the same time, you may feel like fate allows you to just sit back to see what unfolds. The Cauldron combines enormous personal resources with the idea of destiny. This means you may need to combine Determination and action with your outlook on destiny. Your Te holds your blueprint like the image of a tree that resides within the seed. Events will unfold to peel away all protective coverings and to provide you with the nourishment that will give your destiny form. However, the seed doesn’t just sit back and hide in the earth. There is a self actualizing energy at work in all living things that pushes it toward growth and to make it strong. Examine your path and connect with your inner drummer or vision. Then take the steps necessary to place yourself out there where the sun and rain can nourish you. As the image of a boiling pot that remains unchanged, the message can also be that something is still in its ‘cooking’ phase and you need to give it time before it can nourish you.

Line 1 A ting with legs upturned to unclog it = care of a concubine for the sake of her son, no blame. Changes to (14) Great Possessing. There is a saying about removing the ‘residue of red dust from your journey’ meaning to cleanse yourself of past experience or all things that hamper your forward movement. It is important to meet each day openly and without judgment. The ‘heir’ or result of transformational work can come from a concubine so classifications are unnecessary. As the first step toward achieving your ambitions, throw out preconceived ideas and begin with a fresh perspective. Great Possessing is a sign that your talent will be recognized.

Line 2 There is food in the ting, my companions are afflicted but they cannot harm me = good fortune. Changes to (56) The Traveler. Whatever the object of your desire, it has merit. However, you may be surrounded by negativity or jealousy. The Traveler is the ultimate hero on a solo journey of self discovery. Follow your heart and don’t allow conformity to cast a shadow over your spirit.

Line 3 The ting handle breaks so it can’t be moved and one is impeded = the meal is not eaten, but once rain falls, remorse evaporates. Good fortune. Changes to (64) Before Completion. You are temporarily impeded from achieving your goal because the situation requires some type of mending. Even though you have something valuable to share it is not recognized immediately. However, all things change like the rain and after some difficulty you achieve your aim.

Line 4 The legs of the ting are broken = the prince’s meal is spilled, soiling him. Misfortune. Changes to (18) Decay. This is a delicate situation requiring great care. Even with the best intentions you cannot share what you have if it is not based on a solid foundation. You are lacking in either energy, knowledge, commitment or support so without remedying what is inherently weak, doing anything can only lead to disaster. It is better to examine what has decayed in this situation and reinvigorate it or start over.

Line 5 The ting has yellow handles and golden carrying rings = perseverance furthers. Changes to (44) Coming to Meet. Because what you have to offer is recognized as valuable and nourishing, it is well received. Others can provide critical input that might actually be important. Everything is in order for you to keep pushing forward.

Line 6 The ting has rings of jade, great good fortune = nothing that would not act to further. Changes to (32) Duration.Beyond the trials that challenge and eventually lead to success, you show a suppleness in your outlook that combines talent with integrity. While you are able to achieve your aims, you have also stayed true to your life path. There is a valuable spiritual lesson that you have mastered.”

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