Maurice makes Marks

7.7.17 Red Rythmic Serpent

Mars is simple, spontaneous, lively, dives in and moves, Mars is the’ Is’ is what the meaning and where the meaning of everything lives:: in the Is, Mars is the vital force and instinct::lively up yourself with Mars . . . mine is in Libra 9th House, opposite Chiron in Aries, 3rd House, Cardinal signs in cadent houses . . . Mars in Air

Arting with Mars::jump in with watercolor pastels, make Mars and the sign it’s ins hieroglyphs on the page somewhere, but first inhale and make the mark on the exhale, whoooshe, the Mars symbol, then the symbol for the sign it’s in . . . .

Then go to the sign, Libra, and write a few words that jump out instantly:: creative destruction (tear down the walls and clear space then::leave it, enliven it, let it be), beauty, integration, non-duality, adjustment, conundrum . . . pick a word and some colors that feel alive today, get started and moving with Mars Warrior energy::last day of your life today, how will you paint the marks showing the way you stand with that word, applying Martian Warrior energy to the word from sign . . . . dive in . . . let go of trying and wanting to get it right, spontaneous response to this being your last stand!! Go free and fly into it, last battle . . . what’s your Mars fighting for? . . .

I’ll fight tooth and nail to sift and sieve for illusion, deception, clarity, whittling it for the sake of discovering where they are and what they are, to then ask are they vital to the whole or not? I bring the battle home to self, grappling with what needs grappling with inside to resolve trust in my position and perception on what is Whole being so, clarifying self before serving others adustment platters:: I am a Warrior who wars with self adjustment, refining, defining, sieving, perceiving, integrating, my mission is to cook myself in order to be of service to others, sometimes I’ll fall into fights to test myself and learn just how clear and adjusted am I, for I will not serve others without serving it to myself first . . . the conundrum is this::so far I’ve not found anything worth while of battling with others for, when I surrender and accept, I discover it’s a really intimate personal journey, which one has to do for oneself, and I’ve not found how to serve it to others in ways that lead the horse to water so they drink themselves . . . .

Mission from Mars::consider the type of Warrior you are . . . specifically in relation to Mars and the sign it’s in, then consider your Sun sign and the goals and tones of the Sun sign, what comes to mind? Here we go Libra::this this that that, not this not that, keep cut, cut keep, adjust, oh wait bring that back, every little piece effects the whole, Libra integration and adjustment and harmonizing asks for a lot of pattern piecing and casting forward before the work even begins, though it’s all part of the work, there’s a lot of preparation that dives into insight, intuition, intellect, in in in in!! The in’s then out’s!

Sun oh Sun, here’s the rubbing . . . . my Warrior fights for the right for all beings to find their own way on their terms at their own pace, my Warrior frustrates and agitates when running into people’s who haven’t done ‘their’ work of self-battle and are already sharing with others what they’ve not tried and tested yet the conundrum lover, Venus ruled Libra Sunner, illuminates how through the sharing these folks are doing their Warrior work different to mine in their way on their terms thus what’s to chaffe at eh Maurce?

My Warrior kisses the fire coals, familiarizes face to face . . . . these ‘sayings’ from others like a wealthy man’s wealth is in his books are another grappler, for my Sun says::the words in the book originated before the book, the wealth is in what lead to the word not the vessel for the words!! My Warrior is training to be in service to my Pathfinder, they have to work together, collaborate, relate, my Warrior cuts through the darkness for the Lightbringer to walk through worlds without fear, into essence . . . this is my Warrior’s task, he’s not neccessarily here to serve others but by serving Self, when that Self serves others it’s in cahoots with Warrior. His energy fire’s up thought train, quick flash connections, ignites intellect to spin with an idea endlessly for hours and hours; not for himself though . . . he’s the spark, the sword, the motion, the instinct that follows nose knows spontaneously . . . into and out of into and out of pulsation, cadence, rythmic, initiating cycles involving surrender . . . he kneels and kisses the ground all excitement!

My Warrior is a bit of a Hanged Man, sometimes he gets tired of hanging upside down running himself through, then we paint and initiate activity, for he is in Airy Libra, illuminated intellect in the 9th House of higher realms and learning, and all that thinking that he’s enabling and vitalizing isn’t Active enough, then he wants to move and get into motion make a rumpus commotion wield words and duel with them in circles jumping stomping wild, he’s happy then, he’s a bit of a child in many ways, applying his energy to cadencies and ‘grown up’ things, he gets blah blah blah board does Morris, so we have fun and run with the sun and drum and walk medicine wheels and paint on . . . .

Comments welcome . . .

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