Choose It or Lose It

7.8.17 Full Moon in the Archer, White Resonant Worldbridger

What are you hungry for? What are you not getting in life? What are you afraid of losing? How’s Mars being given work to do that’s enjoyable and fills the hunger . . . or is Mars just losing all that energy, kaboom, explosive reactions to triggers instead . . .

Scribble, doodle, mark up and move these questions around the page and Loosen UP, lose it on the page, go after the page and chase it, woof woof, move Maurice!

What does it look like to scribble, move, and loosen out and up and with Martian motion?

7.9.17 Blue Galactic Hand

Wrote in watercolor pencils, scribbled and scrabbled with watercolor pastels, then moved white paint around. Let it sit a while, returned to it at night after moving outside with prayer and focused requesting . . . felt my Mars activates into motion when threatened, challenged, or ‘dark’ moments come around, galvanizing into doing whatever it takes . . . exploding out of the dark places, finding the cracks and bubbling forth . .. india ink expression of this sense of Mars choosing when loss threatens!


Choosing the moving or Mars . . . losing a little bit of the freshness that fluid paint holds when gleaming wet, activity changes what’s there . . .

7.12.17 White Spectral Dog GAP

Finished this today, and I feel as though this holds true on many levels::I like trying new things, perpetual virgin state, once I’ve tried the new thing maybe I want to do it again, but when I do it ‘more’ rather than all over again, it loses the energy it had before I more’d it . . . like this, above I dig, below, I worked ‘more’ and now it’s kind of going blah blah blah at me . .. I like initiating, initiative, and then that juicy state that is neither here nor there but potential for everywhere, maybe because the afterward from the more is disappointing, as in this case . . . not an absolute, but in this instance it’s a good example of sputtered, over done feeling Mars trying to ‘finish’. My Mars perhaps is good at getting things going? In choosing to keep going, I lost the energy that I dug . . . this is so ‘goody’ eewy goody, maybe I’ll go further later blacken miss goody a little, get her fired up instead of fluffed! She feels icky under all the flounce.

Chose to go back and reclaim with black, reclaim the energy; why lose it when you can use it? Why leave it when the energy hasn’t left and is there for righting, is it worth fighting for? Sometimes it helps to walk away and let it be, grapple with leaving it alone or going ahead and daring to plunge in all over it with something else that possibly could ‘destroy’ it completely, and so what if it did? After all, was the smothered state it was in what I’d prefer than consummation by forging ahead?? I forged, and discovered in doing so, it can be reclaimed, the above remains part of the whole, but was not its completion, so.

Lessons in Mars, the fight’s not always over when you want it to be, sometimes you’ve got to move with risk while standing your ground to reclaim territory that was lost, somethings are worth standing up and fighting for, walking away helps with determining whether it has merit or not, in which case nothing is ever lost even if not reclaimed, for something without merit wasn’t worth anything anyway, so how would that be losing? Loss would be fighting for something without merit! Losing one’s own energy over something that has no value that’s being chosen!

Comments welcome . . .

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