Lammas Gold

8.1.17 White Overtone Dog

Sweep clean,
Dust out the lean and old and mean
Sweep clean, dust then mop
Spread the floor with water, hop
Spin turn bake sweet bread
Skip jump clear the head,
Sweep clean, tie fresh mint
Round the handle golden lint.

Gather tribe, share a meal
Love, laugh, abundance deal
Lay out petals one by one
Rays spread with light of sun
Sweep turn three times round
Into the home abundance sound
Gather shake bring inside
Abundance from the universe wide.

Lughnasagdh. I love this day. Lugh, Light, Sun. Purify and clear out the house, dust, mop, prepare it in readiness for fresh abundance to enter the doors in the coming days that cycle in with the turning of the wheel. High summer, mid summer, summer’s coming or going? It’s golden now in love, it’s light and airy, harvesting yellow flowers, squashes, herbs, ripe and full. Sweeping in abundance from the great wide beyond::

May there be in the year ahead, from now through Winter’s End::

abundance:: of health and wellness, healing and wholeness in all the ways that we need to be cured until we are healed in body, mind, heart, and spirit
abundance:: dancing with joy in love and fellowship and true friendship
abundance:: of wealth to apply toward the tending and upkeep of homestead, vehicles, mind, body, hearth, education, garden, supplies, and enough more with which to build our dreams of wood fired tub, renovate the shed into long term retreat cottage, travel, adventure!
abundance:: of inspiration and willpower to DO the long vision steady work, the practice, to write the stories, paint the images, teach the words, dance with ceremony
abundance:: of ability and skill for all of us to grow in health, vitality, learning, living in light and awakeness
abundance:: of trust
abundance:: of gratitude
abundance:: of the unknown and unforeseen relevant to this vision to interweave what’s needed as well

“By one, two, three and four, sweep Lammas gifts to my door.
May abundance be a constant friend, by my hearth till Winter’s end.”

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