Whirling Wheel

Whirling White Worldbridger Wavespell

Blue Planetary Eagle 8.6.17

She traded her navy blue Dr. Scholl’s slippers, their silver buckles shining, for a burlap bag of bananas. She traded them with a girl in golden high heels, the wrong kind of shoes to go through the gate, to the other side of the wasteland they stood in. A heap of rubble, rocks piled up amidst broken cinder blocks and bricks. Navy blue slippers, those gained admittance, passage through the metal gate set in a wall of barbed wire. She’d make it through with the bananas; she knew she would, she knew this: the gatekeeper, a big brown gorilla man, has a fondness for bananas. Later she’d paint on the empty burlap sack, turn it into something pretty, a painted dress perhaps. The girl ran toward the gate, her black curls bouncing, passing through easily in the navy blue Dr. Scholl slippers with silver buckles. She followed, barefooted. Then she tripped and the bananas went flying. From everywhere feet approached; some in green lace up boots, some in brown zip up boots, some in leather flats, some in brightly colored sandals. Hands grabbed bananas, snatched them up lightning fast. The feet ran toward the gate and through to the other side, bananas held high. She laid her face down on the gritty crumbled stones, pulled the burlap sack toward her and rolled over to watch the dark clouds fill the sky.

Dispersing Blue Storm Wavespell

White Self Existing Wind 8.13.17

She watches the clouds fill up above her. From within the rolling mass, a rope ladder drops out and swings. She reaches up and begins climbing, the cords swaying as she ascends slowly into the clouds, through them, to the other side where indigo and purple swirls with bright stars and orange streaks greet her. The planets are in motion, she watches them for a while, observing their placements and arrangements, relationships to one another as they move around the sun. Below her, she knows, the planet she climbed up from is doing the same.

At the moment the arrangement begins with Mars, he is moving through the constellation of The Ram, Aries. She sees Venus moving through The Bull, Taurus. Mercury is going through The Twins, rapidly, while the Moon shines above Crab and Sun sits blazing from The Lion’s maw. Moon and Sun are flanked on either side by Mercury, one between Venus and Moon in Gemini, the other between Sun and Venus. This one is in The Virgin. The quickest moving planets are all below the horizon. Father, Mother, Child, then Mother Moon, Father Sun, and their Mercurial child. Two families, contracted, expanded. The tribal origins under the horizon, growing and evolving until that Virgin Child ventures up and out into the arms of relationship, The Scales where Venus, another Mother, awaits his ascent. Further up from her is Father again, Mars in The Scorpion, and there at the top a new figure, Jupiter in The Archer’s constellation awaits with Bow and Arrow. Before even getting to Jupiter though, there’s a lot of to and from, masculine feminine, union into a third entity, then again masculine feminine, a honing and refining of this entity, then above the horizon feminine first then masculine and admission to Jupiter is gained. He culls, imparts, turns over to Saturn in The Goat for organizing, leading, structuring, working for a big picture, everything has spread up here and Saturn continues on into Waterman phase of collective connections on a mass scale implementing and revolving all that’s come into The Fishy waters of Jupiter for release, surrender, cutting away, decomposing and dissolving for the big dream to cycle around renewed once more Mars at the helm, initiating an adjusted cycle.

In this arrangement Mars is supported by Venus and also opposed by Venus, and vice versa.

Mercury is what they bring about together, their combination of initiative and enjoyment of the immediate gives birth to a third entity separate from themselves; opposite Jupiter who may be the ‘higher self’ or ‘inner voice’ of Mercury evolving out of child phase into maturity.

Mars, Venus, Mercury: all quick moving, fast, youth, earliness, swiftness, immediacy.

When we get to Moon opposite Saturn, we’re looking at foundation opposite organization . . . got to have a stable ground to build from, often what’s built is subjective, comes from having thoughts about something that we want and Saturn organizes the achievement of these Lunar based desires that spring from the root and up.

Sun then is the creative principle, illuminating so that Saturn in the opposite area can act from the structure that was initiated to now mingling out en masse for the benefit and expansion of what was compounded.

We wind into Mercury holding up the firmament under the horizon, opposite Jupiter flowing over the oceans and waters that the earth supports, Jupiter who now dreams what wisdom deems must be dismantled and dissolved forward.

They’re all working together, no one is apart, or independently acting for a single purpose, the entire wheel is connected and cycling forward together. The differences between the planets are crucial to what they offer and bring to the wheel toward an entire organism evolving and revolving.

Yet this configuration is one in many and even as she beholds it, the planets have shifted and formed another configuration entirely; how can she apply the knowledge she’s gleaned to an arrangement that has changed?! She knows the entire circle must be as it is toward a specific purpose, all the players and areas they’re in are as they are to do something a certain way that each configuration makes possible. So what does the one she’s beholding now indicate?

This one begins with the Waterman. There’s only stars spread out here, merging into the Fish and then The Ram, and there are no players in these constellations. Only stars as far as her eyes see. Space. So much space!

And then sitting cross-legged in the green and gold swirls of The Bull there is Jupiter. He just appears out of nothing and nowhere. No mother father child, out of nothing he comes right out of a field of green and gold stars sparkling. Across from him in The Scorpion constellation is Venus. They oppose one another, he is in the fixed roots of home and hearth nurturing and nourishing the fort from under the boughs of trees chanting home home home, she’s up high out and about swirling the waters of Scorpio . . . what is she doing and what is their relationship? Is he her inner guidance, her voice of wisdom, her seat of stability and confidence, her enabler as Maiden, Mother, crone swimming in the deep waters diving for hidden treasures to bring back out into the world?

Nobody is home beside Jupiter, The Twins with Castor and Pollux shine blindingly brightly like a dragonfly in swirls of pink space. So much room to explore and fly about in! Across as well The Archer is unoccupied save for stars, arrows and dragonflies can zip and wing through space but there’s no target to aim at nor grasses to linger amidst, for these are fields of galaxy and stars is all. From The Archer all the way down through The Goat, Waterman, The Fish, and into The Ram there are only stars . . . though The Ram has Ketu and Chiron tucked in there innocuously . .

Next door, under the horizon, bubbling out from a crevice perhaps an air pocket deep in the earth is a spring. In this spring of water, there is Saturn; he’s holding up the horizon, structuring the flow, damming, sluicing, shaping, the stars of the Crab form a triskele, he’s somehow involved in the flow here. How does an organizer give form and build with feelings, intuition, emotion; all so subjective? For what and for who, as opposite in the horns of The Goat is stars and stars and nothing else from The Archer into the Ram . . . space to explore and be empty, a void?

Above the horizon The Lion is resting brightly, pondering relationships and what they mean by himself. Across from The Lion is that entry point where Waterman is looking back at Lion.

Up one into the arrival of Mercury, while it’s all slow going intuitive, inner wisdom, emotion, slow motion, pensive, contemplative, cautious down under and within, up here above the horizon we’re picking up speed beginning with the child Mercury and Mother Moon both sitting pretty in the Virgin constellation digging around deeply with critical keen eyes for what’s interesting, odd, different, unique, sifting and sorting, they’re gold panning perhaps! No feedback incoming, nor opposition from anyone across in The Fishes, they can deep sea dive and swim around everywhere from this Virgin entrance, star hoppers!

But to what purpose? What is all this coming together as so for? We’ve got Saturn and Jupiter internally evolving, defining, binding and also initiating growth and feeling, growth of feeling . . . compassion? What a puzzle! Above them is Mercury panning for the gold by moonbeam, quickly swiftly sorting and going through, finding tidbits, he identifies what’s valuable and what is not! The two below must need him as the identifier, the sorter, picker, siever, he does the above work, removing grit and sand and stone, he’s the filter perhaps?

And above one more through the stars, in The Scales, weighing balancing integrating cutting stitching mending, is Rahu, Mars and Father Sun::two father figures, one the practical, hands on, active lower realm father, the other The Father, illuminator . . .what are these two doing, unopposed in The Ram (save for Ketu and Chiron, how crucial are they?) King and Major General? They’re in an area of learning, exploring, dispensing knowledge and wisdom, how are they implementing these qualities with balancing, bringing into relationship? . . . Sun spotlights what’s balanced, what’s snot, what needs cutting what needs mending, and Mars does the work, the actual activity of cut and stitch, warp and weft, Mars is the craftsman, the artist here, the active aspect of putting into action the knowledge and dispensing it through practical work? Calibrating and fine tuning the upper realms?

It all goes forward into the loving arms of Venus in Scorpio, the father and the All-Father perhaps recalibrate and then hand over the woven tapestry for her to find the hidden flaws, warp and weft back over, Jupiter counsels from below, until the weaving is complete and she shakes it out over the ocean that flows on earth with compassion to share and give to the whole?

Is that the goal, is that what this configuration’s soul purpose is and all players are here to support, build, grow, and evolve essentially compassionate creation?

. . . she feels the rope begin to swing and sway below her, clouds are rolling on by, she’s aware of thunder having roared and flashes of lightening happening below. A red comet streaks over her head through the stars and yonder dipping into the unknown. She climbs down anticipating clouds but there are none, what clouds were there have cleared. She descends into blue brightness, the rope swinging above lush green and gold fields, cerulean waters lapping white sands tinged with pink and peach at the shores. She jumps off the swing and it quickly coils up and up and up and disappears, leaving her standing on the beach where aqua water and foam dance around her feet. She walks the edges then, breathing the salty air, gazing at the sparkling waters where dolphins leap out and their splashes send stars out briefly.

She walks softly, she skips, she jumps for joy and the gentle waves wash away her footsteps as she continues forward. There’s something in the distance that she cannot see from where she is, something she’s walking toward. She knows as long as she moves, softly gently firmly, breaking into a run from time to time, pausing to tuck seaweed behind her ear, to nuzzle and swim with the dolphins, to strand seashells and wear them around her neck, skipping and dancing with the beauty full waves, as long as she breathes the salty air and waves to the moon, jumping with joy and singing, pausing to rest under the giving coconut trees that nourish and feed her and the birds that sit by her knees, as long as she continues on, she knows, she’ll reach that something in the distance and then she’ll discover what it is that’s beckoning. And this is enough for her, for to get there she needs no Dr. Scholl’s in navy blue with silver buckles, no bananas in burlap sacks, no barren wastelands where desolation prevails and gates keep people at each other’s throats. All she needs are her wits and her two feet with which to walk, everything else is provided for she knows that the galaxies support her. She whistles a tune and begins dancing.

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