Simply Saturn

8.15.17 Yellow Rythmic Seed

Simply Saturn, so straightforward really, shoots directly from the hip::

I’m here, says Saturn, to guide you step by step in a method, a process, an orderly fashion through whatever area, wherever you need structure and support. That is all.

Saturn says this with confidence, authority, to the point, pretty plain no frills.

Saturn says, To understand a chart, you need to get us planets at a basic level, just like what I said about myself, listen to the others, know what they do, what they’re here for, and then look at where we show up, in what area of your life we show up, are we together, alone, and what stars are we moving through, how fast how slow, take it easy, organize your thoughts, pay attention, grow up from the foundational basic most of levels, this is how all wonders and marvels come into being . . . .

So says Saturn.

The Saturn art process was a slow long one, a bone collecting, skeletal gathering to flesh . . . . involved first of all collecting imagery that felt Saturnish, along with an elder, respected person of wisdom . . . I pinterested some imagery and when looking for ‘elder wisdom’ I realized I don’t really know Ina May Gaskin, Brooke Medicine Shield, Susun Weed for instance, their book words certainly educated me and played a huge role in mentoring me without knowing me yet it is from these sources that I taught myself, however in real fleshly life there are a few women who while may not be oldies, I respect and admire and have had a direct hand in teaching merather than being a source for inner teaching to kick in::

one is Khale Tahoo who has climbed, literally, mountains while persevering and prevailing through her own thick and thin with genuine sincerity and integrity, evolving growing becoming, white hairs and all, I respect and admire her and love her, she is inspirational to me as a known touch-feel human being who has gone along step by step, persevering, a mountain goat, frisky even as she ages . . .

the other is Brynne, who I admire and respect and have a very soft spot for in my heart, we shared two of my birthing experiences and who I related to, felt that resonation with . . . I sense we taught each other about trust and limits and boundaries and what and how to define ‘step by step’ and what that holds potential to mean, what is process and method, all very Saturn, the expansion and constriction, the contraction and emergence, breathe push breathe, oh yes, Brynne supported me when I needed support for what may have been perceived as a crackpot approach, or a dangerous edgy one, but she walked that edge right alongside of me even when it was scary for her, I believe on my end I gave her the opportunity to see how far she could and would expand her leap of faith, there was reciprocity there and trust and support and it involved perimeters and circumferences and perineal stretching quite literally hands on, straightforward, practical, all very Saturn, and so I chose her as my ‘elder wisdom woman’ . . .

so there I began in the graveyard digging around and the painting sketched out in watercolors yesterday began to shape and form, with crumbling leaves for everything must age and wither and be released, yet the light shines and even on a tightrope one moves forward steadily knowing the rope is strong and sturdy and enough to hold while you climb step after step hand over hand and life ripples and bubbles and bounces all around as you move toward whatever goal you have in sight . . . which is perhaps reflected by the area and sign Saturn is transiting through now, rather than at birth time, for that was a past life and has come and gone with so many footsteps, I can track the traces they made even though the waves washed the prints away and left blue bottles and baby jellyfish on the sand . . . . kind of made up this art process on my own springboarding from the pinterest board and reflections on where I’ve been supported, by what, by whom, when, and how, inwardly outwardly, what do I admire in those I do admire . . .will do Saturn with the In the Stars guided process as well, after wrapping this one in sinew and muscle, for it is in This and through This that I understand wisdom, depth, process, and find my own meaning, the means through which to create ritual and flesh that beaver from deep within and it excites me, grows my self-confidence whereby to better serve others . . .that 6th house in Cancer, right there, wanting to serve others love and nourish and nurture and mother them . . . . be their midwife . . .as Brynne was mine, I painted some more today

. . . .and loved every second of it!

Comments welcome . . .

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