Hummingbird Sweetness

Red Lunar Skywalker GAP 8.24.17

Having enjoyed the company of Hummingbird over the years, today I set out and shaped a gratitude offering for this sweet humming bird. Tiny as it is, the gift it gives by its presence is enormous! How fast it flies, wings almost invisible, whole body glowing. I’ve watched it move in and out of so many flowers, both male and female have come within nose to nose of me and opened their wings, opened their hearts. I hear them coming before they’re in sight, and have been blessed with the gift of their unusually chirping song once. They’ve caught me by surprise a few times, and have shown me their nests high up in the boughs of tulip poplar. Often when I’m feeling a bit low, they come close and I’m cheered and encouraged by their visit.

I picked flowers growing that I’ve seen them drinking from::hibiscus heart love center as ruby as their throat, hollyhock, bee balm, jewelweed, zinnia, and jerusalem artichoke. Feels like most of these flowers give them sweet sugary nectar to speed them well, while perhaps the hibiscus and bee balm give them immunity, strength, and clean blood to send them healthy on their flight.

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