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A slow dawning of what Saturn does  . . . .

Saturn is the developer, the organizer, the builder, the restricter.  To develop, organize, and build has pre-requisites such as a foundation, a grouping, a framework so Saturn addresses these details as well, narrowing down choices.  To want to do these things in the first place, one has to have ambition, Saturn provides ambition toward development . . .  for ambition to be well guided, to have the willpower to do all the development and building requires self-discipline, so this is also the arena of Saturn.  Projects tend to take time from beginning to end, Saturn gives patience and steadiness.  Saturn in the signs would play out something like this  . . .

in Aries::slow development of identity, activity, initiative, disciplining aggression and impulse, honing and toning free will, forging a warrior

in Taurus::developing the intake and appreciation for the material, digestion, ingestion, selection, organizing these and setting boundaries to discipline indulgent hedonistic materialism into something superior to decadence, pure pleasure

in Gemini::developing strength with perception, communication


And then this nugget opens itself up out of the onion . . . the houses do not move in any chart ever, beginning with a sign in them that was rising, and that determines what sequence of signs flows through the houses.  The difference between my chart and anybody else is not in the arrangement of houses, we all, every one of us, have these 12 areas of life in exactly the same sequence.  The difference is in the pattern formed like so:

At the time of my birth, at the place of my birth, the constellations were arranged a specific way that puts them into the areas of life in my chart in a certain order that remains unchanged through the course of my life.  These constellations (signs in tropical) go through the orderly sequence of houses and are the basis, the foundation from which my personality has threads to weave.  1, 2, 3, 40, 78, the houses and the stars that are in these houses will always be the same . ..

However, this is the foundation, the consistency that holds the chart, the container into which I sit centered with the planets moving from area to area from birth throughout my lifetime:: and this is what shapes the tapestry, evolves it, shifts, grows, changes it from just a house/sign linear plot into something vibrant and dynamic . . .

Fancy this, from my birth through my first year, the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mercury would have all moved through every 1 -12 house, gone through all those constellations; thus the empty houses in a chart and the full ones fluctuate . . . the areas of life with Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune will have activity that foments for longer in a certain area with the flavor of the sign there available for these weavers to warp and weft with; but over a lifetime they too move, and so in one singular lifetime there will always be fluctuations in the areas of weaving . . . . remember this, nothing is ‘fixed’ . . the sequence of houses is the pot that holds the ingredients for the cook to work with, one sequence after another, twelve ingredients, multiple cooks in the kitchen of ‘me’, simultaneously creating a twelve course meal at times with exquisite variations of combination person to person!


Sidereal 3 degrees in The Scorpion constellation occupies the same location as tropical 27 degrees in the sign Scorpio . . . sign and constellation are not the same, but they have place in space and one is the same as the other (3 degrees Scorpion and 27 degrees Scorpio . . . . .)


Either sort of astrology presents a person with information in that is nothing more than a mirror::which shows what’s put in front of it:: a tool::which needs a person to make use of it as they will, the tool on its own is simply a resource to utilize, without an implementer it’s just an object with no power of its own:: a map::again it has information about how to get places but without a driver to use those directions (or even misunderstand them and get lost!), it’s just a piece of paper . . . so astrology has no will of its own, nor does it cause things to happen . . . a person causes things to happen, which results in varied effects depending on the person and how they engage with what the information is . . . . thus, planets aren’t making things happen or causing things to happen, rather the response of a person to life and how he or she engage is what causes, and the planets and houses and nakshatras in a chart are potentials and tendencies that a person may or may not come about into . . . becoming or unbecoming, more than or less than, rising from, or completely oblivious to . . . so you could have a so called phenomenal chart and be asleep in life, asleep deeply sleeping and live a completely unremarkable life even though you had the potential for a phenomenal one::this is teh magic that the person brings to life, to a chart, to everything, more or less or not at all::hence we are not all magicians, even though a chart may show remarkable tendencies and potential for great magic to come out of a person, without response and awareness, it’ll just wheel on . . . a scrap of paper in the wind, a leaf blown in the breeze to rest on the ground amongst other leaves turning into hummus for something else to grow from, someone else to benefit from . . .


At the heart of sidereal astrology is this fundamental difference:: its interpretations and meaning are derived from the stars and what’s in the stars:: literally.  The sky is comprised of constellations, frequently used by seafarers to navigate their voyage.  Well, these same stars are a navigation tool for our Soul’s voyage in the mapping of stars.  To this effect, the stars are not viewed as large lumping groups, but the large grouping is then divided into smaller areas, so within the big band spread of what is known as The Ram, there is the big picture constellation and within that 3 divisions, each with its own planetary Lord and deity.  These divisions are further divided into 4 padas, each with their own planetary ruler.  So we get really minute with the constellations, as the whole chart is looked at with a fine tooth comb . . . the stars are like a repository of potential, and the planets that are in specific vectors then bring out and about those potentials into the areas of residency that they are housed.  Many layers to look at, far more than what the tropical does, which is glance over the stars and focus on signs as a huge collective from where to source information . . .while this is a way to interpretation, and inevitably the skill and wisdom of the interpreter will have huge impact no matter which system is used, the sidereal one provides far more detail and depth.  This is what sidereal means, literally, from the stars and now that I’ve studied it this far, I understand what that means is much more than overlaying signs into their constellations and then lining up matched meaning.  No, it is not that at all!  And to call tropical astrology in the stars, kind of doesn’t make sense once the star body of sidereal is observed.  Another detail is in the fact that they are lunar mansions, and are considered the Moon’s domain, their influence is noted by the movement of the Moon through the entire zodiac in the 27 point some days that she orbits earth.  The chart thus is viewed by looking at the birthstar that the Moon was positioned in and secondarily the ‘sign’, more importantly the area or house that its located in, then all the planetary placements also against these starry backdrops, their bhava/area/house location, and then the interplay of all, including Sun.  But in sidereal it is not the Sun sign that has first importance because the Sun is also a fixed star, a sidereal body, the brightest one but it itself is also a star and unmoving, its ecliptic is merely the ‘apparent’ path of its motion . . . for in truth it does not have a path of motion at all . . ..unlike the Moon, and the planets, which are all in motion, moving through, and so in sidereal astrology we’re looking at the movement of moving bodies through the fixed space to piece our story, much as we are moving bodies moving on a moving earth body moving through the celestial sky around the big bright star:Sun.


In The Stars . . an online adventure with Hali Karla deepening astrological understanding woven in through art and natal chart, but which chart; sidereal,tropical, or both?

The zodiac is like a freeway with a central lane (ecliptic) on which the sun apparently travels. The moon and planets also travel on this freeway but in different lanes. They do, however, cross each others lanes at times (nodes).

A brief understanding:: both measure time.

Sidereal:: From the Latin word ‘sidus’ meaning ‘star’.

Measures Earth moving around Sun from Point A and back to Point A against a backdrop of fixed star constellations or star clusters that make pictures like The Ram.  Usually begins 180 degrees opposite Spica.

Tropical:: From the Greek word ‘tropos’ meaning ‘turn; anchors Sun, Moon, and planets to Earth’s center.

Measures the time between Earth’s intersection (celestial equator) with Celestial ecliptic (Sun path) intersection and back again. The intersections happen four times a year, beginning with Spring Vernal Equinox and turning through Solstices and Equinoxes and back again; they do NOT usher in seasons as is thought, simply mark four quarters crossing. The entrance of the intersection happens when 1 degree shifts into what we call ‘Aries’ . . . not The Ram star grouping, but a word, Aries, 2nd Street, Oak Avenue.

The sidereal year and tropical are 20 minutes apart in length of measure. The confusion begins when they turn the fixed star backdrop behind the 30 degree houses and that causes a 20 some degree shift in where the houses are between the two types of astrology, resulting in planetary placements being in the foreground of the same fixed stars but in different locations depending on which system is used!

Sidereal:: happens against a fixed constellatory backdrop of stars, Earth as a planet amongst other planets all moving around the Sun with stars around them shaping stories and roads; so perhaps is a deeper dive into our star make up, astral, spiritual, above-ly.

Tropical:: circles and turns unfocused on the starry backdrop more so than the rollover of earthly seasons, elements, and modalities, so an earth-mind-body-spirit-matter of how those elements effect us as a below-ly.

Do both and marry them together with the Mayan overlay mixed in and see what emerges from the integration?

Comments welcome . . .

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