First fill water then add
An arrangement of flowers
Bring brightness inside

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  1. Until I saw the comments here, I had no idea that that was a “real” photograph. How fun! I love the poetry that goes with it, too! Beautiful words and beautiful imagery. Thank you also for visiting my blog. Much appreciated! 🙂

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    1. Cynthia~ Had never heard of the Mountain to Sea trail till now . . . was up at Montebello and asked someone who’d come off the A.T to collect a package (there’s an itty bitty P.O there and A.T hikers stop frequently to pick up or even get picked up) and he told me a bit about it. Have a wonderful equinox; those oranges and reds are falling gently here, so so lovely! Hugs back your way 🙂


    1. Thank you! Our youngest daughter made the vase, we were going to a friends housewarming potluck and she brought in flowers to give her a vase as a gift to ‘cheer up her new house’ . . . she arranged us a fresh one for the kitchen sink window, which I photographed and ran a filter over like I do with my wee folk plant art 🙂

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