Seer’s Equinox

Red Self-Existing Dragon 9.21.17

Abundance, gratitude, prayers woven and interwoven with zinnias from the garden, peach and tulip poplar leaves, leaves from the paradise tree intertwined with pine above the cistern where we first stood, Michael and I and Anousheh at 4 months in this world in my arms gazing at the pond and vista of Dreamsong . . . gathering a basket of shedding leaves gently as they come into a spiral of release and surrender into equinox, adjustment flowing through, star seeds in apples from the delicious most of fruits outside our door, coming inside, gathering all that’s outside inside to breathe under the gaze of old Pine and blue sky, spiraling and shaping with prayers for us all on our walkabouts, splashing water to nourish the offering, behind before beside above below without within on this beauty walk, may it be blessed allways always blessed be it so it is.

May wholesome synchronicities flow.

May wholeness and vitality grow.

May courage abound within and without.

May what’s released and surrendered go on its way.

May the open space and energy released rest while transforming steadily into new luminous vibrant vibrations.

May what’s retained be whole and healthy, developing as we grow our understanding deeper.

May we practice loving compassion, may we be centered with light.

May we give voice to our story with clear cadence.

May we serve with integrity, love, and vitality what is ours to share and give.

May we receive with grace and gratitude.

May we raise our hands and twirl our feet in celebration.

May we rejoice in fellowship with open hearts.

May the work that needs doing be done with equanimity for the good of all beings.

May our hands be blessed with remembrance to caress gently and tenderly what they touch.

May we plant wholesome seeds to grow, remembering to feed them and nourish them, nurture them from dormancy to fruition.

May we walk away from where love is absent.

May we turn with love and return with love.

May we steer with light wherever we be, light be within us steering.

May we walk with our fears with courage, follow light even when afraid.

May the good road rise to meet us, may we greet the good road well.

May this season be restful, peaceful, healthy and whole, restoring what needs restoration, shedding what needs surrender.

May this season provide abundance of warmth, nourishment, kindling, and adjustment as we turn into the changing golden song of autumn.

May we move deeper into presence and trust.

May we give each other comfort, support, encouragement, quiet listening, and kindness, sharing in each others hurts and joys with open hearts and acceptance.

May we cradle each other and breathe, embracing in lakesh with munay, always, all ways.



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