Blue Lunar Eclipse

1.31.18 Red Rythmic Skywalker

Lunar Eclipse Super Blue Moon in Cancer shifting into Leo same day . . .

Moving baggage out clearing space preparing for new adventures, high energy hot words fly haughtily, so easy to fight and push on rather than be courageous enough to walk away instead, center with love when it’s difficult! Unless::the familia is the people with who full flight is allowed, perhaps even necessary to keeping it, well really whole, as they are these are the ones, the familiars, who hold without getting holey or holier than thou?

Moving baggage out, moving through closing of a full round, ho’oponopono, illumination of each castle in dreaming with wolf, dog, and a pair of male and female monkeys, outside an old lichen and moss covered amphitheatre in ruins . . .

Moving medicine wheel, with beans, keen flecked pintos, wild horses ride ride and be free.

Moving medicine wheel, with chickpeas circling inner heart and outer ring, sprout richly earthy.

Moving medicine wheel, orange daal fills the hearth, aromatic with ginger turmeric and garlic, running around the ancestral rim tasty and tasteful, choice morsels when basmati emerges, white grains aromatic and ancient, hearth food, shared with familiars.

Moving medicine wheel sweet with a sprinkling of sugar, salted for balance of flavors and health.

Moving medicine wheel brews tea, love between Michael and me.

Moving medicine wheel, centred with rose bud, love grows from inside out, crystal clear quartz vibrates the motion brightly, nurussammaawaatewalardh, and resihi reminds of abundance, providence, joy, the gift of rain, risking, presence, community, and laughter.

Moving baggage, moving toward the integration of creativity, seeing the light side, harmonizing communion, and luminous service; nesting one within the other spiralling, spinning, opening to the stars, as the medicine wheel guides this worldbridger on fresh rythmic voyages with tribe and familiars sailing onward.

Comments welcome . . .

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