Red Self-Existing Earth 2.24.18

Angels. Winged beings or filaments of light? Incorporeal? Agents who move between places and people, guiding them by means empathic? Angels. Higher beings, though not as high as humans according to The Book . . . why do we call children angels? Oh you sweet angel! What are angels? Who are they? The Voice Divine that guides and directs . . . “Read”, said Gibrael, and the prophet recited . . . a miracle!

Angels. Miracle makers, miracle bringers, miracle givers. We say about people who assist us in some higher way, “You are an angel!” But all this implies that angels are not other, that we act as angels ourselves does it not? For how could you be an angel when angels are their own entity?

Angel. Glean. What’s here to be gleaned? When we act from a higher place attuned with divine light, like golden kernels of corn wrapped up in light green husks, hidden until shucked and showing, then we act as angels. For angels to be, we must be::

as the golden wheat waving in the breeze, ripe and full of promise, kissed by energetic rays, potent with life giving nourishment.

Angels. Humans. Angels. Glean. When we need angels to help us, they show up anywhere. To be an angel showing up for others anywhere, we must be anywhere that others are. Or do we? By our attunement and vibration with divine light, are we indeed able to send forth angel rays even from the confines of a windowless doorless cell into the everywhere and anywhere for the streams to go where they’re needed, simply because we are at-one?

Read the mystery. Read the holy writ. Read wholly. Holy. Mystery. Mist. Veils unveiled. Fly. Flight. Light. Light moves. Light traverses distance. Be light. Be everywhere. Be. An. Angel. Glean.

Energy is unbound by body, distance, time, book, words, substance. I am material, made up of matter. I am light, energy compounded into form, dissolving back into ether into light. Lean into light. Toward light. Potent bright energy spilling everywhere anywhere that light needs come be done . . . who guides these thoughts? From where do they come? Angels?

Glean. Read. Read the mystery in seed and root and stem and stalk and trunk and leaf. Read the holy writ in the world of light, the word lit and bright. Read then the cipher held by veils and decipher them into the gloaming, into the gleanings, but speak them not directly. But indirectly. This is the way. Indirect. Wholly. Holy. The sacred is not for speaking about, but for speaking with, conversing with, listening to, holding discourse, inter-course, not separate aloof and about. Do you like to be spoken about? It’s known as gossip. Back biting. Rude. Breach of etiquette to speak about. Speak with. With. With.

Angels. To be an angel, be light. To be an angel, ground before doing so, as being an angel is enormous energy work, being everywhere anywhere all at once! Do you want to be an angel? Do you need an angel? You had the help of angels the day you flew remember? Remember flying over fence and gate and hill? How do you think you got there without a hair moved from any heads, nor a dent in the car nor bump nor bruise, only shock shock shock? That is when angels come, for moments like that. Situation. Calls. For. Angels. Dialing Angels at large, incorporeal, ancestral, the complete energetic filed of all beings involved? At one ment, atonement. Do angels help with that? Do angels become drained? Lethargic? Tired? I am. Sometimes. I have. Been called. By an angel.

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