Gray clouds mud puddles
The greening grass sings of change
Overnight crocus

3 thoughts on “Turns

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  1. We have plenty of puddles Rose.. But Water is vital.. even though we perhaps get too much all at once..
    Loved your poem.. The Crocus and Daffs are now out here too.. Though we await the Sunshine.. 🙂
    Love and hugs

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    1. The daffodillys give such cheer; a few days ago we had a surprise snowy visit and they bent over under the weight but by next morning the flakes had melted and they sprang right back up as bright as ever. Now it’s sunshine and rainy sprinkles with ephemerals rising from under leaves, little floral treasures twinkling in hidden places, they gladden this spirit! Am awaiting the new moon by which to get sowing in our garden again; feeling springy with dandelions blooming in the grasses and the light shifted in the sky, goldfinches returning 🌱 Love to you Sue with many sunny days a coming to enjoy 🌞❤️

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      1. Yes it has been similar here with heavy snow on Easter Sunday. then rain.. Thankfully the flowers spring back. Love planting by the Moon too.. IT works. 🙂 Love right back Enjoy Spring x

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