Waking Beauty

3.19.18 Yellow Magnetic Sun

Waking up on art journal partially worked page, one page yesterday getting grounded and opening heart to transformation on the last day of the Blessed Blue Hand wavespell, twas a Blue Cosmic Storm GAP; then a bit more today on the first day of the last wavespell of the Red Castle, bring it! Nowrooz tomorrow.

3.20.18 Red Lunar Dragon

Dreaming the land tableau . . . the table is set and laid beneath the boughs of grand old trees rising from roots spread out in the earth, up toward the heavens, doors to other realms open inviting, welcoming guests to the table and from it in the spirit of adventure and seeking, gathering and sharing, the moss transmutes and spreads with the whispers of its own dreaming . . .

Eternal whispers, fluttering flakes lightly swirl, softly gently joining the earthly banquet.

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