Sister Golden

Blue Crystal Monkey GAP 3.30.18

Sister Golden sighed last night in all her scintillating brilliance. Tell me in whispers of your longing, she crooned, so standing there under her growing fullness, I paused for a pregnant moment and gathered to me in contraction then opened up my fists and extended my hands . . .

Sister Golden shining bright, bless these hands with golden glow and light that I may grasp myself fully, that when I hold an egg in hand I feel the pulse of life inside and warm it that just so that the shell may crack and release a whole beauty full bird, winged.

I rubbed these hands on my heart space then . . .

Sister Golden shining bright, bless this heart with golden glowing honey love and nectar flow, that when that bird begins to show I know what it needs to grow and give it that without expectation yet with trust, commitment, and a full grasp on connection within and the bird without

I rubbed these hands on my head round and round . . .

Sister Golden shining bright, bless this head with illumination and light that it may be fed with songs of wonder, clear and sweet, grasping the whole while pursuing other ways of knowing out of the ordinary, collaborating with heart nurturing it to trust, communing with hands to do the work necessary to turn thought into matter that matters, focused on expending energy toward what has priority and significance straight from soul, soley focused on solving and working toward the heart commitments and spirit songs that the bird grown may fly and sing songs clear and sweetly wondrous through trees and sky wherever it may go

I rubbed these hands up and down my body . . .

Sister Golden shining bright, bless this body with golden glow and healing flow that it may be whole, wholesome, holy, wholly carrying all of me around and around, up and down the paths and trails, fetching finding seeking that when it enters places new it does so in trust, love, and harmony imbued from head to toe leaving trails of this as it walks holy about in quietude or noise, solemnly or boisterously with joy, that the bird embodied has a healthy vessel with which to navigate shore to shore into ever more

I reached out as a bow, hands extended open, stretched out . . .

Sister Golden shining bright, bless all of me this night with light that I get myself and grasp fully a knowing sense that travels with me, turning me toward or away from where it is I must be as I am.

Today I cooked up a nourishing oatcake with orange peels and last years dried roses crushed with pestle in mortar, added to honey and butter, stirred with solstice salt and vanilla, cardamom and cinamon, with sunflower seeds and oats to feed the golden soul within me and each one of this family I’ve been blessed with, into the over cooked and sprinkled with infused sugar and rose syrup, warm and aromatic for us to be nourished and nurtured and blesses each of us be, so we are, it is so.

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