Yellow Crystal Star GAP 7.25.18

it comes with no warning
the sudden dying away part of yourself
it comes with no warning that departure
anger taking its leave
leaving an empty hole behind

they don’t warn you
caution empty holes suck you in
to a void place hollow rattling
where you search in vain for something
anything nothing

they don’t warn you when you work on your rage
anxious to see it through to a new page
that you’ll be bereft and devoid
grieving even sorrowfull at the loss
of what you now know was an old friend

yet wait they don’t tell you this either
kiss the curves of the emptiness lick the well
long enough until salt traces are gone
suddenly you know how you were consumed
by anger consuming angry consumption

listen now there’s nothing to be heard
vacuum stillness silence
scurry and rush about to fill it back up
fill fill fill why won’t you fill
when anger has suddenly died

this is where you fall to your knees
crumple in a heap and keen
spending yourself away only a spark flickers
in the emptiness quickening
where you lay infinitely dreaming wide awake

the warmth spreads kindling emptiness
come love me whispers the hollow void
love me and know me
know your own empty spaces
now space for what it is

allow allow swallow gulp
yet wait they don’t tell you this either
the sudden knowing that comes
quickening pulse beats while you listen
bear forges a path to blackberries

how sharp your ears become sitting
still beside the bones of anger your love
dead now in red and white and flowers adorned
commemorate the passing of what you consumed
honor anger for consuming you until you burn

burning away through the rage
burning away every shred of something burning until
there’s only burning and then suddenly
with no warning after anger has had his way with you
he leaves without a backward glance

now sit with the bones and breathe as a hollow reed
suddenly with no warning breath glows
golden staircase winding up and down
in and out of flesh bone toes to fingers
streaming neck head emanation

etch your hands now with eyes
use your fingers emanations to imprint
in this new dreaming streaming around the bones
rise up from ashes burned and mark yourself
forehead palms thighs belly mark empty spaces

there is no warning for this
only kiss it while forging on
old trails made anew new trails made by you
empty now bear will meet you face to face and then what will you do
lick the emptiness and live the answer

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