I’m feeling happy to give a way this series of four greeting cards in celebration and with gratitude for a generous summer flow; as the seasons shift and with them everything gives way ✨🌳✨

~Milkweed leaves, pokeberry, Queen Anne’s Lace, zinnias, cleome, red clover leaves, phlox, and smartweed
~Sumac and spirea leaves, grape, geranium, daisy fleabane, narcissus, and rhododendron
~Cosmos, daylily, morning glory, milkweed, strawflowers, oregano, spirea, and lady’s thumb
~Spirea, rhododendron and tulip poplar leaves, viburnum flowers, geranium, fiddleheads, and buttercups

these are the plants who all came together to show these nature spirits, contact me if you’d like more information on the plants as essences 💐🍯

To participate

~leave a comment that shares what plant(s) are resonating with you and your favorite tale, fairy folk myth legend or one of your own

I’ll draw a name from my basket on September 2.

This is open to everyone anywhere 🌍🙏💙🤗

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  1. That was soooo incredibly sweet of You to have done!!! AND WOW!!!! I LOVE Your artwork! Just bopped into Your studio and my smile ate my whole face. How lovely and happy making! Thanks for this sweet gesture to the world and cheers!!! 🙂

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