Labyrinths . . .

The Mountain Day Fall Festival experience from last month has slowly digested and is now percolating.  It was a gorgeous day, cloudy to begin but with a bit of help from the wind, the sun emerged and warmed us all.  Our fourteen year old son was my compadre from before sunrise till sundown.  We drove down the mountain while it was still dark, the car packed the night before with booth setup gear and a tub with my artwork. He helped me get the canopy up, table open, booth arranged; two hours later when we were done he set off to explore the street fair and I met with people trickling in . . .  by noon it was bustling right until 4 p.m when it began to wind down to a close, having given a day fairly bursting with fullness as far as a deep sense of joy goes, as well as joy given in turn.

One of the highlights of the day was the sale of my labyrinth art pieces, one instance of which has provided a eureka moment for me .  . . the lady who purchased it is a reiki practitioner who was visiting from the Adirondacks at the time.  She fell in love with one piece, my first, Ya Raheem:: a gem created as a pair (the other is Ya Hakeem, The One who Heals, The Healer) with pond water infused by shimmering koi, with orange,black, yellow, and white sparkling scales, and the first golden leaves rippling, as well as the Arabic word, Ya Raheem, for the Divine Attributes of Compassion, Loving Mercy, and Forgiveness.  I fell in love with her, as she immediately grasped what the intention of these pieces is, and told me she was going to have her clients use the work as a finger labyrinth.  The energy there made me very happy to say a bit bit, just to have this piece come through and move toward service, my heart was spinning.  As I digested the day, eventually this light went off and an idea came through:

To create collaborative pieces with energy healers for their work, our hearts and minds concocting together the colors, motifs, vibrations, blessings to imbue the work with, then by my hand bringing this restorative tool to life for those who will benefit from it deeply.  Integrated art that is used, purposed, and shared in service.

Right now I’m absorbing the idea deeper, trusting that guidance will direct me toward how to better improve and implement it, flesh it out, breathe life into it, if it needs to ripen or guide toward me those who resonate with and are equally intrigued, stimulated, and excited by such a collaborative venture.

Comments welcome . . .

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