Castles in the Air


Red Castle beginnings, what kind of cake to cook this cycle? Fiery leaves run through the hills, streaming auburns and golds, Mother Earths pulse is quickening to the beat of darkness entered, She is beautifully illumined, her light brightening the way. Steeped, I steep in energy and infuse with Spirit by candle light each night, a ritual of words, affirmative praise surrender, enlivened, I run through the hills concepts streaming around me, falling down to the ground and enriching the earth where they lay, decomposing nourishment. These are the threads plied by Grandmother Spider, she works in the old poplar forest, quietly without ado or flash, steadily persevering to weave a web that is fine, silken it goes through the eye of a needle, strong and supple it holds fast while delighting; concepts, this is conceptual work that I’m seeding at this time. The dragon rises and feeds herself, nourishing flesh to the bone, blood warming, wings strong, she eats the marrow of deer bones, flesh stripped and dripping blood, raw and wild, she feasts on this wild beating heart, for soon she’ll wing into the air, fly steadily, she has endurance, is resourceful, she breathes flames that burn negative misaligned energy releasing them to the one Source, she flies free, the light in her heart gleaming from her polished scales, she rises with a concept lifting her wings, undercurrents propelling her on her way, she glides with the four winds, East South West North, she moves with and through them all, mobile and vital, she is raw energy, primal, fierce, creative, her breath an expression in song, her wings a song of their own beat. She flies, her perception vast and reaching far, she is keen with insights, rich with wisdom, upon her back rides the wizard, polished by light, the white wizard rides this dragon by way of reciprocal choice. They make magic together, united in purpose, united in song, she sees, she breathes, their hearts drum and he sings, for he is master of communication, expression, giving voice to songs in ritual, celebration, praise, with the power of love the fuel that charges and enlivens it, gives it force. The white wizard and the red dragon, white and red, spirit and blood, male and female, harmonized, they set out to bake a cake this cycle. The wizard wears no gloves, his hands are bare, crackling with pure energy, he extends them and flies in search of the tools he’ll use in the creation of this cake. Encoded in the wizard, light flows. Encoded in the dragon, primal instinct. Between the two of them, energy moves freely, rivaling that of the sun, for it comes not from the sun, but from that which fuels the sun itself. Streaming rays that guide as they glide through the skies, landing on the frosted earth, together they warm the surface and seek with all their senses engaged, empowering success in their endeavor to seek out tools, ingredients, for creating with abundance and joy, they are healthy, nourished, their dreams nurtured, they are prepared and blessed, polished and gleaming, attuned with Source, their heart compass shining true, and so they go with this seed for their cake carried as a concept, a concept ever evolving toward the service of peaceful, healing, love empowered, enchanting successful expression and creation for the benefit of all, shielded by Spirit, who commands all beings mighty and small, where shielding is needed, invisible to all save for those who Spirit allows access. Miracles abound, gratitude sweetens the hearth.


Chaikhanaa, gharaana, haveli, qasbaa, qilaa, kalaat, dez, arg, mandil

What is a castle?

The word itself originates in these ways:

Old English castel for village, then large fortified building or stronghold from Old French chastel, 12c.; Modern French château, from Latin castellum: a castle, fort, citadel, stronghold; fortified village.  Spanish alcazar “castle” is from Arabic “al-qasr”, from Latin castrum.

I was musing on what the ‘castle’ is in the Mayan calendar, and began following this thought to what a castle is:::a village, a dominion, a complete place of living that has a hierarchy possible and more than one family, multiple tribes living together, interdependently . . . .

thus a Castle in the Tzolkien would represent a Complete Way of Living, self-sustained with personalities, elements, forces, and energies that give the 52 day sequence a theme and a closure, with each Castle including all 20 Seals (personalities/forces/elements) as well as their 13 unique vibrations and frequencies interplaying . . . so in a 52 day Castle, there’d be 4 13 day wavespells, and while each Castle would have All 20 Seals and 13 tones, their arrangement would be different, bearing different combinations . . . so you’d have a Red Magnetic Dragon in a Red Castle, which has its own Castle Energy (Initiation) and then you’d get to a Green Castle where there may be another Red Magnetic Dragon, but now it would be in a Castle of Transendence . . . . . still turning around and understanding it!

One Tzolkin cycle of 260 days is divided in five castles, always following the same sequence: Red, White, Blue, Yellow, and Green. And each Castle has 52 days divided into 4 Wavespells of 13 days each. In general the energies of the castles follow a certain process, each opening into the next stage, ending with transcendence.  Each castle begins with a Red Wavespell, moving to White, then Blue, and ending on a Yellow Wavespell.  The castles go counter clockwise and end in teh center.

Red Castle
Process of Initiation

White Castle
Process of Organization

Blue Castle
Process of Transformation

Yellow Castle
Process of Giving

Green Castle
Process of Transcending

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