I Am Dolphin

I am Dolphin.
I sing as I nuzzle water and swim.
I am Dolphin.
I am in my element wriggling under the surface, liquid smooth.
I am Dolphin.
I inhale sunlight, exhale rainbows and shimmers.
I am Dolphin.
I follow my nose as I dive deep with eyes wide open.
I pick up Starfish. They cling to me as I ride toward shore.
I am Dolphin.
I saw stars fall from the sky one night, burning hot.
I watched as they streaked, red yellow orange, cooling to green, blue, violet flame.
I watched as they shredded into little bits and pieces, diving into indigo waves.
Held in Ocean’s embrace, salted licked and cured, they coalesced slowly.
I am Dolphin.
I watched wide eyed as Neptune rose in a shower of pearls, bearded with kelp strung with coral.
I watched as Neptune stirred his trident and scooped up the twinkling newborns, holding them up to a glassy blue eye, asking in a voice filled with bubbles, brine, and spray,
Who are you?
We come from the stars.
Then you shall be Starfish, come and be welcome in these realms.
I watched as they slipped through Neptune’s fingers and spiraled in delight.
I am Dolphin.
I carry Starfish to shallow waters where they let go and swim to glittering sands.
I am Dolphin.
I ride waves bringing joy and delight from the ocean deep, up and out into the fresh air.
I am Dolphin.
I swim in love, I sing fluidly in appreciation.
I am Dolphin.
I am an affirmation of the miraculous.
I am Dolphin.
I frolic and play.
I am Dolphin.
I breathe abundance in the beauty way
I am Dolphin.
I am an answer to prayer.
I am Dolphin.
I am Beloved as I love.

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