When I awaken to polka dot snow
I hear the sparkle in Khanum’s eyes glow
As she spins from her head
Threads woven in bed
Where we chortle and chuckle together.

When I skip between polka dot flakes
Swirling and whirling upon sleeping ground snakes
Piling into a blanket inviting and cozy
I see Khanum’s cheeks glowing bright pink and rosy
As she laughs at the questions I ask.

These polka dot drops move in more than one way
They flutter, some frolic, some seriously play
All sooner or later come rest on the ground
Having danced snowy rhythms without making sound
And we twirl kissing polka dot weather.

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  1. Enchanting poem Rose.. we have been lucky not to get any white stuff only frost… If the rain we had recently over the last week had been snow, then we would have been in trouble..
    Wishing you a beautiful Christmas..
    Love and Blessings Sue ❤

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