World Peace Poets

Looking forward to another round of writing and sharing peace poetry; pick up your pen(cil) and join in if you’re so moved . . . it’s most enjoyable (and interesting) receiving poems in the mail from around the world, sowing seeds of peace🌍💙🌱🖌

“Every time people speak their hopes, address their losses and fears and listen to each other, we are taking a step toward peace.” ~ Carla Shafer

Below is the message copied and pasted from World Peace Poets.

It’s time to sign up for the 2019 peace poetry post card event.

The countdown clock is ticking for Peace Poetry Postcard event.

The clock is ticking for PEACE POETRY POSTCARD MONTH

February 1st to 28th, 2019.

(also check out the World Peace Poets Facebook page for updates)

The deadline is January 28, 2019.

Poets sign up by January 28th to send 28 original poems on postcards to folks on the beginning February 1st, 2018 and continuing through February 28th. People in all countries, states/provinces are encouraged to participate. To register and receive a list of 28 addresses, send an email to

To register, please follow these INSTRUCTIONS:

1. In your email subject line, write Peace Postcard Signup

Give your name and complete mailing address. This will not be shared anywhere beyond your group.  PLEASE DO NOT SHARE YOUR LIST ANYWHERE ELSE, AND DO USE ON SOCIAL MEDIA OR TO PROMOTE OTHER IDEAS OR PRODUCTS.

2. After you register, and once your group has filled to 28 members, you will get your address list via email. Find your name on that list and make sure your own information is correct.

3. Gather together 28 postcards, one for each day of February. Some make their own postcards. Others have been collecting postcards at thrift shops and elsewhere. Many online sites offer postcards with personal photos or artwork at a reasonable price.  Be ready to have fun with this process.

4. Once you get your list, start writing your own original peace poems directly onto postcards addressed to the names on your list. To prevent postcard pileups dry-spells, do not start at the top of the list. Please START WITH THE NAME BELOW YOURS on the list of poets. (If you are #7 on the list, your first postcard will go to #8 and proceed from there, circling back to the top.) Be sure to sign your name on your poem postcards. No one can publish your poem without your permission.

5. A list of prompts posted on World Peace Poets Facebook page will be available if you wish to use it to get you started or if you’re bogged down. Please do write and send all 28 postcard poems if you sign up.


Spread the word! This a great way to deepen your own commitment to peace and to inspire others. It is a way to be responsive and speak up. Some comments from earlier years: I loved getting the postcards! I felt more peaceful. It gave me hope to be writing about peace. It eased my anger when I felt no peace. I was glad to part of an informal peace writers community. I missed a few days, but eventually I got all my cards sent. I took time to celebrate peace! My writing got better.

Comments welcome . . .

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