Urgent! From Monday to Thursday

Yellow Solar Seed

Most Venerable Elder Brother Thursday, You know I hold you in great esteem, which is the reason I turn to you wrought with despair due to our sister, Friday. No matter what I do, the mortals of the earthly realm are ever in her thrall! As though she ever cared enough to walk in their midst, or to tend and nurture them as I have, bathe their wounds and wash them with my own tears! Has she felt their joys and woes? Has she bled when they have, grieved with them, shed and peeled by their side, consumed their losses as her own? No, not she! It is I who has been their solace yet they exalt and glorify her, Friday! I went to our brother, Saturday, who simply waved me aside in that lofty way of his and said sternly, “Not now Monday, I’m working on grave matters and you demean yourself with these petty concerns”. Wednesday laughed at me, can you imagine, he laughed, the cheek of him! Sunday shrugged and said, “It will pass my dear, you just have to put some distance between yourself and the earthbound . . .” As for Tuesday, he had the temerity to tell me he would place his bets on Friday winning this battle and suggested I show a little initiative otherwise I was wasting everybody’s time; he even offered his assistance in giving me a makeover, after all, he drawled, who would even consider exalting a mouse as drab as me . . . he always sides with Friday and assumes everything is a competition when this is about how I’m feeling, does nobody understand? I’m at my wits end brother! I’m coming to see you soon and will stay for three days. I hope you will have guidance for me in this matter, for you too walk amongst mortals with love for them, as I do, unlike the rest of our kin who view them as sport! Your loving sister, Monday

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