Say It

Go and lay down on the dark
Earth with your face to the ground and say it
Over and over Black Lives Matter, until the
Roots drink your voice and spread truth to the core then
Get up and live your words in your
Everyday life of freedom, maybe feel survival guilt, but

Feel it for the rest, the unrest, until it STOPS
Love, never again a bloodbeat of hate. Say it. Never Again
Yours or his
Dead Body.”
~Ellen Rowland

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  1. Iesha, Broad leaf and narrow leaf plantain both grow here, in shade and full sun. I tend to use broadleaf more frequently. If you’re seeding, put the seeds in the fridge for about a week before sowing, directly or in flats, to chill them a bit; I’d say the best time to plant in Cali is when it’s ‘pleasant’, cool nights and warm days . . . would you like seeds? I could harvest from both varieties as they go to seed and send you a packet . . . they’ve just ‘flowered’ so seeds should start forming over the month into august.


  2. Thanks for teaching and sharing your knowledge on this special plant ally. I know that this can grow without seeding, as I’ve seen it in over watered lawns here in Southern California. But what if I’d like to seed some in my garden. Is there a specific variety of plantain?

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