Fourth and Fifth Nights

12.17.18 Spirited Red Skywalker Entering White Castle on the Ninth Night of Solstice . . . . the Vulture visits from the remains of my ancestors to sing me their song, Great Bear, Ursa: vanguard. 12.18.18 White Lunar Wizard What is it that happens when the tower is silent, empty of stories and tales you... Continue Reading →

Ashem Vohu

12.10.18 White Resonant Worldbridger   "ASHEM VOHU, VAHISHTEM ASTI USHTA ASTI, USTA AHMAI HYAT ASAI VAHISHTAY ASHEM On waking up in the morning. When lighting a Divo. Before meals, interview* or exam*. Anytime you start something or come across a hurdle or danger. The next time you see an ambulance or Fire Engine with sirens... Continue Reading →

Waking Beauty

3.19.18 Yellow Magnetic Sun Waking up on art journal partially worked page, one page yesterday getting grounded and opening heart to transformation on the last day of the Blessed Blue Hand wavespell, twas a Blue Cosmic Storm GAP; then a bit more today on the first day of the last wavespell of the Red Castle,... Continue Reading →

Moving with Sun

3.11.18 Yellow Rythmic Human Old spread in journal as the base for a few elements pulled from Springing Up selections::sunflowers, big cat balanced on a limb, and saluting the sun woman . . . Chose to draw her in rather than glue, saluting the sun from behind cattail leaves and sunflowers, from inside the field... Continue Reading →

Swimming into Solstice

12.9.17 Yellow Overtone Sun Softened edges, entering a mythic landscape with Cat Caracelo, down into a place of mystery, shifting into a place of stillness. Where are you, where is the beginning of your path? What time of day is it? What is the tone? What are you wearing? Step on the path and allow... Continue Reading →


9.5.17 Red Magnetic Serpent and 9.6.17 White Lunar Worldbridger GAP Entered a ten day journey guided by Cat Caracelo with purple and gold watercolor pastel, two side by side pages with earlier drawings and collage elements::the right had a drawing of a Baba dream . . . him on a porch with hanging baskets of... Continue Reading →

Dancing with Mercury

5.3.17 Gather up art supplies,go with what that piques curiousity, while trusting the curiousity. Listening to Mercury is what’s being explored visually, how we listen . . .to the materials and ideas as the way we’re conveying and expressing. Collage fodder, paint, pastels, pencils, go through and pick it all, prepare before getting groovy together... Continue Reading →

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