Blue Eagle

Blue Self-Existing Eagle 10.15.19 I do not know other than within me something stirs, A mixing of grandmothers and mothers Around me, a shield of women (and men as well) Holding spoons going round and round Chanting some young some ancient song, As old as mountains and dusty golden sand Glinting leaves where treefolk in... Continue Reading →

Claiming Wheel

White Galactic Wizard 8-15-19 Full Aquarian Moon Leonid Sun In the name of all that is joyous to the heart, Gladdening to the eye, and is kindling to the belly, In the name of all that stokes courage, Fuels passion, and promotes dreaming, Even though we may get lost By the stars in the cosmos... Continue Reading →

Summer Solstice Seedings

Blue Overtone Storm GAP Circle at the pond, sunlight and song Fish swim golden, rabbits hop along Two path spiral, rose petal mead Salt and sugar, flower and seed Celebrating one another on this bright sweet day Sharing warmth while awake dreaming a whole new way.

Forty Two

10.17.18 Yellow Overtone Human Wise words from Sharon McErlane: "The world is not in a political crisis, an economic crisis, or a climate crisis. It's in a crisis of values. This is what causes the crises that ravage the world like a cancer. What is the cure? In a word: love. The absence of love... Continue Reading →


Yellow Crystal Star GAP 7.25.18 it comes with no warning the sudden dying away part of yourself it comes with no warning that departure anger taking its leave leaving an empty hole behind they don't warn you caution empty holes suck you in to a void place hollow rattling where you search in vain for... Continue Reading →

Blue Lunar Eclipse

1.31.18 Red Rythmic Skywalker Lunar Eclipse Super Blue Moon in Cancer shifting into Leo same day . . . Moving baggage out clearing space preparing for new adventures, high energy hot words fly haughtily, so easy to fight and push on rather than be courageous enough to walk away instead, center with love when it's... Continue Reading →

Forty One

10.21. 17 Oh what a day of turning into one past forty! Forty one . . . what's to be done this year, with heart wisdom and integrity near, attention the insurance and clarity the shield against stupidity, vapidity, hysteria and muteness:: politeness up to a point, too much is self-dupeness! Yearning, searing, churning, burning,... Continue Reading →

Seer’s Equinox

Red Self-Existing Dragon 9.21.17 Abundance, gratitude, prayers woven and interwoven with zinnias from the garden, peach and tulip poplar leaves, leaves from the paradise tree intertwined with pine above the cistern where we first stood, Michael and I and Anousheh at 4 months in this world in my arms gazing at the pond and vista... Continue Reading →

Hummingbird Sweetness

Red Lunar Skywalker GAP 8.24.17 Having enjoyed the company of Hummingbird over the years, today I set out and shaped a gratitude offering for this sweet humming bird. Tiny as it is, the gift it gives by its presence is enormous! How fast it flies, wings almost invisible, whole body glowing. I've watched it move... Continue Reading →

Lammas Gold

8.1.17 White Overtone Dog Sweep clean, Dust out the lean and old and mean Sweep clean, dust then mop Spread the floor with water, hop Spin turn bake sweet bread Skip jump clear the head, Sweep clean, tie fresh mint Round the handle golden lint. Gather tribe, share a meal Love, laugh, abundance deal Lay... Continue Reading →

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