Peseus and Old Twister

Once, in a land far from here, there was a small kingdom  surrounded by farms and rivers and beautiful country side. Men of great status lived there, always dressed in smart suites and hats with polished walking canes that they twirled expertly on their fingers. But they were always useless against Twister. Twister came roaring... Continue Reading →

The Blanket.

There once was a boy named Yeod. He had a blanket and it looked like a one dollar bill. Every night he slept with it on his bed because it was very large. Every day he wore it like a cloak or spread it out in the sun to lie in. The reason he did... Continue Reading →

Old Mulberry and the Fairies

There was a tree. A mulberry tree. It was old and wrinkled. It stood in a field by the lane. Cows grazed in the field. There were apple trees and peach trees and younger mulberry trees. Around the edges of the orchard were cherry trees. The old mulberry tree would watch the younger trees swing... Continue Reading →

Take up the thread . . .

Once there was a girl. She did neat and tidy things like sewing, reading and drawing all day. She wore neat and tidy clothes and wore her hair in neat and tidy braids. She wore pink ribbons to keep them from unraveling. On her way to the market with her neat basket and dainty steps,... Continue Reading →

Lady of the Winter Frost

The Lady of the Winter Frost was the one who sent the snow and set the frost in winter. She had only one rival, The Lady of the Summer Flowers. The Lady of the Summer Flowers melted her beautiful frost and whisked away her snow with her warm winds, replacing them with silly flowers and... Continue Reading →

Sleeping Ship

There was a girl. She was a beautiful girl. She wore lilac silk and her hair was white with purple streaks. Her skin was pale and fair. She wore a crown in her hair. She wore no shoes but walked barefoot. Her skirts flowed around and behind her. She lived in the forest with The... Continue Reading →

Blue Witch

Blue Witch was very small. She was no bigger then 2 1\2 feet tall. All the other witches were much taller. They towered above her and she hated it! She hated being small. She was the Witch of Blue, the fifth witch of the Rainbow Witches. Her sisters towered above her and laughed because she... Continue Reading →

The Octopus and the Mermaid

Once there was an octopus and, unlike other octopus’s, he had 10 tentacles. Because of this, the other octopus’s that lived in the ocean laughed at him and called him a devil octopus. He was deformed, they said. Unable to bear the insults, Ynitsed, for that was his name, retreated away from his brothers and... Continue Reading →

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