10.31.16 Surrendering Red Skywalker Esme and Estes get comfortable in their seats on the plane and shut their eyes. It’s been an eventful time in Lemuria and they’re grateful for the quiet on the plane. They fall asleep before take off and sleep straight through the flight, disembarking at the airport in Wingalia, where eventually... Continue Reading →


6.11.16 Loving White Dog Wavespell Esme and Estes walked toward the South Bridge from where Night Sky had hugged them goodbye. It was not quite dawn; the orbs on the edges of the bridge glowed in the stillness. Their stay in Lemuria had come to a close and the evening prior they had celebrated with... Continue Reading →


5.17.16 Blossoming Yellow Seed Wavespell “Who are you Estes?” “Once upon a time there was a childless woman. She tended a garden, trained to the pattern she had set, where peas, radishes, lettuce, and kale flourished amidst dandelion, chickweed, speedwell, and mint. Her garden was lush from the first spring greening right through the autumn,... Continue Reading →

Esme’s Day Out

4.12.16 Passionate Red Serpent Wavespell Willow walked out at dawn; hints of rose and peach covered the eastern sky, their hues tinting budding treetops with kisses that gave them a gentle blush. She walked past white hyacinths in full bloom; their fragrance filled the fresh air mingled with sweeter scents from a cluster of yellow... Continue Reading →


3.2.16 Liberating White Worldbridger Wavespell, White Castle Esme got up to disembark from the plane. She and Bob embraced in a long hug; he was travelling onward to a different destination. They had exchanged contact information before the plane had landed and she knew their paths would cross again. After one last squeeze they parted... Continue Reading →


2.7.16 Illuminating Yellow Sun Wavespell, Red Castle Esme walked aimlessly with her bundle of goods for what felt like ever. Her mind was too busy with thoughts of the day’s events to take notice of her surroundings. She let her sandalled feet walk her of their own accord through the familiar streets and avenues and... Continue Reading →

In the Beginning

1.6.16 White Overtone Mirror “You’re late”, growled the old man from where he was puffing on a pipe, “And don’t make excuses, whatever they are, you’re late and that’s a fact; can’t be changed like a baby’s diaper.” He blew out a series of smoke rings: one two three, they billowed past her, opening wider... Continue Reading →

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