The market was a maze of alleys with bumpy roads, pockmarked with ditches. Narrow streets intersected in a big open space in the middle, the heart where beggars, balloon shapers, and cotton candy vendors convened amongst the cars lucky enough to find parking spots. Haldee Raam’s shop was the third one in the middle of... Continue Reading →

Dilly Dally and Silly Sally

1.8.17 Dilly Dally and Silly Sally have been playing in the snow. For days they’ve been going outside and battling Snow Trolls and Ice Giants, chucking spears and icicles at the monsters. Snow Angels and Winter Fairies have allied with them and riding upon their backs they’ve cleared the woods of trolls and giants, laying... Continue Reading →


There is a place at the edge of the curve of a magnolia leaf where it is told there is a door between the living and the dead. There are some whose blood and bone, knit together with purple bells tingling lilac and ruby throated hummingbird song, is the key. They simply pass between worlds... Continue Reading →

Ray’s Dream

The Druid named Jonas scattered resin on the glowing coals while humming softly. Smoke rose up into the air, wispy at first, then coalescing into thicker smog as he laid damp pine over top. He added a branch with pine needles, pinecones, and stepped back to watch the glow, listen to the sizzle, crack and... Continue Reading →


Once there was and once there wasn’t, an old woman who lived in a shoe, she had so many children she didn’t know what to do . . . . until she did. Her husband was a shoemaker and he made the finest shoes to be found anywhere. From far and wide people came to... Continue Reading →


Deep in the woods lived a herd of deer. One day they heard the apple tree calling to them. They held council about the matter, for out of the woods and under an oak tree lived a ferocious beast. The herd was terrified of this beast who they would certainly have to pass to get... Continue Reading →

Whispering Wind and Logan Bell

“Mum, this is Logan Bell, I hope it’s okay that I invited him back home for bread and jam?” “How nice to meet you Logan, I’m Willow,” the young woman said smiling at him, “You’re right on time! The bread’s just out of the oven, there’s butter on the counter and jam in a bowl... Continue Reading →

Whispering Wind and the Old Man

The old man was angry. Everywhere he turned he saw bush after red-berried bush of these weedy plants taking over the landscape! People! He shook his head in disbelief. Really, they were too much. Some planted them for the silvery grey foliage, so beautiful they’d say. Others planted them as hedgerows, privacy screening, and how... Continue Reading →

Spinning Gold

She’s sitting outside her hut, cross-legged on dried grasses and pine needles, when she hears the sound of hooves: clip clop clippity clop clippity clop clip clop. She’s got a basket of purple mushrooms that she’s stringing up for drying. A basket of apples for storing in a stone lined hole in the ground. A... Continue Reading →

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