Castles in the Air

11.5.18 Red Castle beginnings, what kind of cake to cook this cycle? Fiery leaves run through the hills, streaming auburns and golds, Mother Earths pulse is quickening to the beat of darkness entered, She is beautifully illumined, her light brightening the way. Steeped, I steep in energy and infuse with Spirit by candle light each... Continue Reading →

Astro Musings

8.25.17 A slow dawning of what Saturn does  . . . . Saturn is the developer, the organizer, the builder, the restricter.  To develop, organize, and build has pre-requisites such as a foundation, a grouping, a framework so Saturn addresses these details as well, narrowing down choices.  To want to do these things in the... Continue Reading →

On Dreaming

8.1.16 Red Self Existing Serpent Green Castle of Transcendence Wavespell This is a bit of what I’ve pieced together about the Dreamworld, for there are dreams that won’t let go and are insistent, asking for attention; to interact with them asks for more than simply dreaming, though there are dreams of that sort too, where... Continue Reading →

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