Yesterday I went to pick zucchini and beans, and the sounds coming from honey bees, bumble bees, wasps, hornets, and three hummingbirds moving about was melodious. They each have their own particular noise, some buzzing some thrumming a bit of whirring mixed up with hovering, and together they make music in motion. Plump black and... Continue Reading →

Gardens Delight

A garden is such a bountiful space, I'm in awe of it, marvel often at all that it has to offer! The year before Jasper's birth we planted the garden but didn't tend it at all.  That was the year I learned that you don't have to.  That a garden is beyond a place to... Continue Reading →

Garden of Life

The garden is popping and lively now at the height of summer.  Echineacea and zinnias provide a place for butterflies to convene and sip while sitting.  The zinnias are beautiful.  I love how their petals curl open from the center, forming swirl upon swirl of soft tongues that shape a whole flower head.  Amidst them... Continue Reading →

Some like it hot

It's heating up quickly here in the Blue Ridges; showing in the garden where peas and lettuce, in past years their pods swelling with sweetness, leaves juicy and fresh at this juncture, are already beginning to bolt.  We've had downpours, lots of rain all at one time, deluged with water after a dry warmish winter... Continue Reading →


Sixty bales of straw.  Half went around our fruit trees::  they needed heavy mulch, and with chickens and a dog scratching, shredding, and scattering mulch all over the place, I'm trusting these bound bales, squared and trined around the base will do the trick of killing the grass and simultaneously mulching, so with time there... Continue Reading →

April showers

April showers and May pops out in the woods, no apples as yet.  Indeed, the apple trees haven't a single blossom on their leafing branches this year, though the peaches and plums have flowered fragrantly and flagrantly sweet.  The mornings are crisp and cool, as are the nights, but the lengthening days are bonny and... Continue Reading →

Dreaming Mushrooms

Mushroom spores afloat, four season song Morel, Chanterelle, Turkey Tails Boletus Amanita Laccaria Earth Star and Fetus Wispy whispering heard while walking, singing come along Grow mushrooms, we love it here it's damp and humid through the year Grow mushrooms, learn fungal ways, deep in these woods where water plays Grow mushrooms, trees rustle and... Continue Reading →

Amazing Hatching

It was three weeks ago when I went out to feed our hens. We currently have 12 hens and 3 roosters. I emerged from the coop and heard a most suspicious peeping sound. Looking to investigate, I entered the run and, there in the highest nesting box, was a hen with three chicks! I got... Continue Reading →


long before audumla licked the salt that shaped buri, before vasilisa walked the path to and from baba yaga's hut, before sita burned herself on a blazing pyre, before isis went in search of osiris's chopped up body, there was mummy jaan:: the good mother of my heart:: my mother's mother who combed my hair... Continue Reading →

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