A Collaborative Tale

In a small and boring village up a small and boring hill lived small and bored girl and her small boring sheep. Every day she would get up at the same boring time eat the same boring breakfast get dressed in the same boring clothes , and walk up the same boring hill and feed... Continue Reading →

Spring Sessions

Between moments in the garden picking strawberries and peas, attending to mulch and weeding, and working on a wikkiup together, we found space today to make spirit dolls:  myself, Stormy, and Tenderfoot.  I'd been making them on and off since the winter; once my mother and Tenderfoot joined in, and once Stormy did, but today... Continue Reading →

Norse Myth

The Norse Myths have been the subject of Tenderfoot's study for the past eight weeks.  Using D'Aulaires Book of Norse Myths, Favorite Norse Myths retold by Mary Pope Osborne, and Roy Wilkinson's The Norse Stories and Their Significance, I was able to come up with an enriching and interesting lesson block. The starting point was... Continue Reading →

An Insect Block in a Week

  Drawing from last weeks lesson  . . . .  Little Spider's First Web . . . .  I put together an insect block for Tenderfoot.  What I like about it is that it really connects us from the bottom, itty bittiest of beings, upward to ourselves eventually . . . . . demonstrates the... Continue Reading →

Little Spider’s First Web

The week began with our circle, which was interrupted by our dog Clover barking fiercely.  By the creek were three bear hunting dogs (it's chase season), and she promptly chased them all away 🙂 There was much excitement for a while!!  The story for the week was Little Spider Weaves A Web, told on the... Continue Reading →

Johnny and The 3 Goats

What a wonderful week at the schoolhouse!  We've been walking there at around 10 and come back between 12 and 12:30.  We start out with a circle outside, circled by poplar stumps; a song, some stretching out, up, down, and shaking. Began the week by telling the story of Johnny and The Three Goats.  While... Continue Reading →

mother holle four day lesson block

I used the Mother Holle tale to come up with a lesson block that is intended for exploring the relationship between numbers.  Our family is well acquainted with the fairy tale, so I modified it for the lesson to suit my purpose.  The outer work done by the sisters is reflected by having four loaves... Continue Reading →

odds and ends

Inbetween repairing the greenhouse cover and planting seeds in the  cold frame amidst the reviving lettuce, chard, kale, spinach, and parsley, we've found some time to do a few lessons :0)  They came out of the tales we've been telling involving Thor, Loki, and other Norse heroes.  Little Man began working on roman numerals, I-X, and... Continue Reading →

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