two little birds

  For I want to be in the light with you In those spaces between branches Where the rocks glow soft with moss freshly sprung While the children gather pinecones and sing.   In those spaces between branches Lay your head on my lap While the children gather pinecones and sing I’ll comb your beard... Continue Reading →


desert backyard home to lizards cousins to our water loving salamanders and newty wizards though consider:: lizards are easier to follow around they scuttle about on the gritty ground, to play with newts means getting in the creek leaf mold, upturned rocks, under rotten logs taking a peek slick, damp, muddy wet the air itself... Continue Reading →

desert bloom

the grainy earthen floor is a tantalizing door covered in fragrant mesquite leaf debris the trails left by orange ants carrying more oblivious palo verde flowers painstakingly from tree over rocks and sand to burrow lead the way to a hidden extremity in this dessicated thorny flow: a damp garden seen phosphenically where the beat... Continue Reading →

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